# One Fine Morning #

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction…
Break the habit, .. talk about your Joys..



Today’s morning is different for me in many ways,

I woke up from my deep sleep early in the morning because so many pigeons came to my window and sound “Gutroo gu .. Gutroo gu”, that sound is enough to break my sleep. These pigeons are my friends now and I use to feed them after waking up in the morning.

I use to have spent some time watching them their playful activity.

This gives me enough energy that feel me good. That is my routine.

After I brush my teeth and went to park which is situated nearby.

After doing Yoga in the park, I was practice Laughing exercise (Laugh aloud) with my fellow friends and experienced different feeling.

This we were doing after a long time. Because after onset of corona two years back, I was not enjoying the company of my parking friends.

We have spent…

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  1. Such a great bond and memory sir. I can see from the photos that you thoroughly enjoyed your time with your granddaughter. Thanks for sharing with us😄👏🏼

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