# I am not retired #

Good evening friends..
If you have the spirit of understanding in a positive way…
you will enjoy each & every moment of Life…
whether it is Pressure or Pleasure..



I want to tell you something about myself.

My name is Vijay Verma. I am a banker and I have taken retirement from bank job four years back.

Nowadays I live in Kolkata, the city of happiness.

As the name of city suggest , I always try to be happy , healthy and live the lively life…

My friends being called me.. you are retired now.

Yes, I was a banker since December 1985 and retired from State Bank of India in April 2017. Having served the Bank for 32 years as an officer in various positions from time to time,

Now, I am now enjoying a peaceful life but not retired life.

By the way, it is natural to have health problems at this stage of age.

Moreover, I am not yet retired, just changed the nature of work. This is the fact that I am retired from…

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  1. It is absolutely true sir, our feeling and enthusiasm always evergreen in life journey.

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  2. Inspiring to see you active and young at heart .

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