# The Art of Drawing #

Hello Friends,
As you know I am an accidental artist , enjoying my drawing & paintings now a days. There is a beautiful story behind my hobby of this Arts. Please stay with me to enjoy my journey of arts.

I remember the day when I was first visited my drawing teacher and asked them to teach me drawing and painting.

Immediately they reacted and asked me why I want to learn drawing ?

My immediate answer was that, I am retired from Bank service now and want to engage my mind in some creative activity.

They smiled and said…  Very Good, It is true that an Art is a therapy and can help people to manage anxiety and depression by developing sense of self ..

As your daily routine has been changed ..It is good decision to develop hobby of Art and painting..

 I had  also heard that if you want to spend some quality time this type of hobby is beneficial for our physical and mental health.

 Yes, Art therapy can not only help in self-care efforts, but also help us in improving some learning difficulties . Painting helps to create a greater sense of self-esteem, appreciation and a more positive state of mind.

It also helps to generate positive emotions such as joy, contentment and happiness with one’s own life.

I was in the impression that at this stage of my  life, it is difficult for me to start this type of hobby. But my teacher motivated me to join the class as my grand-daughter already joined drawing class there.

They said that it is never too late to start a new hobby. Age is not the barrier in learning anything in life. It is the fact that learning an Art & Drawing is a fantastic way to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Painting helps to build strong mental health at any age, so it is always  beneficial   starting  this new hobby.

It improves our Mental & Physical Health

I am learning drawing and photography for the last two years and these activities are turn out to be very relaxing and rewarding hobbies for me.  This is very helpful to relieve my stress whenever I feel down and also help in feeling of mental clarity and peace.

Really, I find this as therapy for me because through creative activities such as daily drawing and daily writing for my Blog brings many benefits to improve my mental and physical health.

What I experienced, I would recommend painting to those who are struggling with mental health problems, particularly depression or anxiety disorders. Drawing and, painting could play a vital part in recovering from this.

My  drawing helps in  self-care.

Whenever I feel down, my drawing & painting helps me in improving emotional well-being, I use to learn how to express my thought and imagination through the medium of art and writing.

Painting also helps  to improve memory performance and is a great way to sharpen the mind not only in terms of creativity but also in terms of memory power..

Drawing is a comfortable way to engage the mind,  open up emotions in a healthy way and   create a good feeling also.

It is true that Painting as a hobby not only makes us better, but also protects our health, awakens joy and secures our brain function actively.

Improve memories & Creative activity

This hobby helps in maintaining low stress levels resulting in happier and healthier lifestyles. Our positive health also promotes creativity and makes the connection between art and mental well-being .It is definitely correlated.

Friends, This Artistic hobby has many positive qualities along with improving creativity. It  is the fact that painting promotes greater mental health in old age. People with creative hobbies of writing, drawing & painting have a lower risk of developing memory loss and other disease in old age.

Thank you for reading this Blog and expected your comments in the matter..

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  1. A very wise decision. I won’t be surprised if a piece of yours gets worldwide recognition!

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  2. Indeed!  it is never too late to start a new hobby….very nice post and a good decision.😊👌

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  3. Yes it is never too late to learn a new art form. Kudos to you 👏👏

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  4. Very good. You have developed the attitude to learn drawing. Drawings are nice.

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    Friendship is
    sweeter than honey & greater than money,
    Smoother than silk & whiter than milk,
    Higher than tower & stronger than power..
    Stay happy…Stay blessed..


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