# Me and my Art #

Graphite pencil has always been my favorite medium for art and sketches.. It was my first love when I started learning basic drawing technique. This is because one of the my friend had suggested me to start with pencil drawing..

it was the easiest medium to control and manage. It is also the most portable and clean medium so far as my drawing and sketches are concerned.

I find it very convenient as it required no space. I have acquired different types of graphite pencil for my work.

 I started learning about blending pencil technique also and receive help from one of my friend happen to be drawing teacher. I use to visit his place to learn the blending technique but due to corona pandemics this opportunity has not long last and again I am in a position to self-taught at confined home due to pandemic.

Now I am using color pencil and pastel also in my drawing and also started publishing my art work through my  website — retiredkalam.com under the category .. “me and my art”.

One day, I have made a beautiful pencil sketch and sent to my drawing teacher online, I was in the impression that he will appreciate me for this drawing.

But it was an utter surprise for me when I got their message.. They had mentioned that you are not focusing on your work , please try it again..


This has brought tremendous change in my way of learning; I realized that focused efforts are to be required for better result.

I remembered one story that had read by me sometime. I would like to mention here that story.

One reporter went to meet R N Tagore. Tagore had established Shanti Niketan for teaching Art and culture.

 one student made a beautiful painting and brought it to him.  Rabindra Nath Tagore looked at the painting and he immediately tore it up.

They said — it is just not good enough. I am sure you can do better than that .. Go and try again..

The journalist who had gone to interview him was shocked to see this incidence. That was the pretty nice work of art the student had made.

why did you tear it up ? – asked the Journalist.

R N Tagore said — he has got far greater talent potential within him but he is not using it.

I was doing that to make him use it.  I tore it up so that he is forced to give even better of himself the next time he paints. Truly, that story was a great lesson for me.

Very often whom we feel bracken that is the time we are about to make the biggest progress.

During my drawing practice I had been learnt that I cannot create quality artwork with inadequate drawing material as I was learning blending technique.  It required the right kind of tools and hard work to create the beautiful work.

After that I ordered online the required drawing materials.  Now I am practicing different types of techniques with utmost focus. My continued efforts of Art work are going on.

That incidence has impacted my personality in a big way, Now, I have decided to make one drawing daily and publish them through my Blog. I am committed myself for the desired result.

I hope you may agree with my feelings and I will be happy if you convey your feelings through comments or suggestions. It will boost my confidence ..

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  1. Your talent is admirable, keep it up and be happy..

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  5. hello!! Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post. Keep up the good work friend. Glad to be part of your net community. Afdah


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