# Commitment to yourself #

It is true that it takes passion to be a blogger. I want to be a Blogger and with the grace of God and affection  of our Blogger friends, I have already posted 1100 plus articles in my Blog in the span of 23 months only.

From my experience, I would say that commitment is the key factor for a successful Blogger.

Commitment is not for a day, not for a week, not for a month, not for a year, but it should be committed all the time in the work of Blogging.

It is truly said that  Talent is only a starting point.  No matter the amount of passion you have, how much experience you have, without commitment to yourself you will not get the desired success in Blogging and the same rule apply in any sphere of life.

A blogger is  just able to be creative and motivated enough to write blogs, and posts timely with  their  commitment.

Commitment is nothing but considerable degree of firmness in regard to the purpose and what we want to achieve in our life.

Before starting my Blogging journey, I had taken a little time to think before committing myself for Blogging.

Six months before, I had committed myself to the task of posting 365 articles in a streak on daily basis.  I knew that is difficult task for a newly and inexperience person like me, but that drives me all the time for creativity and help me in expressing my inner feeling on the paper.

I had drawn some strategy that are …..

Set a Goal.

I know that first I have to set a goal and then put my efforts towards achieving that goal.so, I set that goal and draw a plan accordingly for one year.  I always push myself and give thought to the mind .. Yes, I can do this. .I can do this ..

I have read somewhere that.. Set goals that should be  Specific, with details , becuse it will be  helpful in achieving  success. It should be measurable, attainable, and revaluate time to time where you are at that time, and it should be time-bound.

Set SMART Goal

Setting  Smart goal can help you change the things that stand in your way,” says Hibbert.

It is true that you are the only person who can alter your future, you don’t want to stand in the way of it by making poor decisions.

Yes, it may take  some time to be more disciplined, but  it is  totally worthy . I used to write down my  progress, and held myself accountable for missing the  day of posting Blogs. Now,  I am getting the desired result .

Revaluate your goals frequently.

Setting goals is not a “one and done” sort of deal. … To achieve our goals and serve the purpose, there is also need to take responsibility for our actions. That is an exercise which determine when and how much time we should invest in our work to get it success.

It requires you to revaluate your current priorities, mental models and belief systems to see how they are serving you in achieving the desired result..

I use to have review time to time about the progress and today, while looking to the stastics of my Blog, I found encouraging result. Yes, I have already posted 220 blogs in a row till date.  It gives me confidence towards fulfilment of my commitment

Schedule Your Work

It is our general habit to get sidetracked every now and then. , we should try to create a system where we  have a list of everything that needs to be accomplished so that we don’t lose track of what our goals are. It may be short term goal or with long term goals. 

I use the formula of ABC’s to schedule our work to achieve desired result.

A is for  it has to be done today,

B is for it would be nice to be done today  and

C is for if I were my most awesome version of myself.

It is said that Update the goals before you go to Bed so that you wake up ready to roll the next day,” says Lloyd.

Do What Comes Naturally

It is well tested fact that if you have a hard time being disciplined, start with things that come naturally to you to help ease yourself into the process.

“If you want to eat more vegetables start with something you’re already eating and eat more of it.

Just don’t reward yourself with something that backtracks your goals like a gallon of ice cream or a shopping spree that makes that rent check a little light,” says Lloyd.

Don’t Overthink

Someone truly said that If you give up every time you mess up, then you won’t get anywhere fast. Be kind to yourself and don’t overthink about anything. Ease your way into this new commitment and soon it will  become a habit.

You really have nothing to lose. “Stop thinking !  just enjoy the work in hand without overthinking. There’s a great quote about this: ‘Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.’ it is so true,” says  Michele Barton.

Create Healthy Habits

You will most likely feel better about trying to be more disciplined, if you’re taking care of yourself first. “When you make something a habit — a regular part of your daily routine — it actually frees up your brain. You no longer have to decide ‘Am I going to do this today or not ?’ You just do it, and your brain is less stressed and freed up for other more important decisions,” says Hibbert about creating healthy habits.

The most successful people are committed for doing the hard work, serving their purpose, and prioritizing their wellbeing first. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are cheating, lying or sleeping their way to the top.

We often demonize successful people for earning their achievements. What we should be doing is learning about their work ethics, accountability, and leadership..  These techniques, strategies, and mindset that should be applied for our successful lives also.

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  1. Commitment is the key factor in every profession.
    Nice blog.

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  2. Good topics. Commitment is sensible aim to achieve the main target.

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  3. Couldn’t agree more. Nice read!

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  4. Great commitment and inspiring words share

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    Our prime purpose in this life is to help others,
    if we can not help them at least don’t hurt them.
    Be cheerful, stay safe, and healthy.


  6. Great advice for bloggers and everyone.

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