# Come out from negativity #


Remember one secret, circumstances will never always be positive for us, that is how the world is designed. Yes, it is planned out as the university of hard knocks. There are times when life tests us, when difficult circumstances come to us.  But the question is how we choose to respond at that time. That determines our quality of life ..

This mind is ours, is the factory that creates continuous thoughts. Thoughts are subtle bundle of energy that impact our health, that determine our attitude, that create our feeling of happiness and distress.

So, to be happy, we have to do better work, and to become better people. We must harbor better thoughts.

It is possible only by the purification of the mind.  That is why, there is a need to manage our mind.

In order to manage our mind, we need to understand the gap between the external circumstances and our mind.

Very often when we are not aware of that gap, we feel controlled by circumstances.

We think that circumstances are able to disturb us, without realizing that in any circumstance we  have the choice to choose the thoughts as we wish.

There is a beautiful story that shows that we have a choice of thoughts.

There was a saint called as Tuka Ram.   He was a great saint of Maharashtra.

But his wife had a terrible nature, she uses to keep fighting with him. So, the Mahabharat used to continue  at home all the time.

One day there was nothing to eat at home and that time the saint Tuka Ram was doing his bhajan – kirtan and chanting Radhe Krishna ..Radhe Krishna .. 

His wife burst forth on him and said angrily — what are you doing? Go and sit in your shop and earn something. There is nothing to cook out here, so saint Tuka Ram obeyed the high command and he went to the shop. Now he earned his daily income and purchased some groceries. when he was coming back, he found some beggars.  He kept giving to them in charity, and finally when he reached home, he only had one Sugarcane (Ganna)

Tuka Ram told his wife —  this is all I have got today.

Hearing this, she got so mad at him that she lifted that Sugarcane and hit it on his head.  That sugarcane broke into two. You can imagine that she must have really hit it hard to break into two.

But saint Tuka Ram was not ruffled by this.  he said with smile —  oh, it is split, never mind.   You take one and I will take one. We had to break it.  He then went into his pooja room and he said to God — oh, Shree Krishna, you are so kind, so merciful.

You have given me such a wife that I can never become attached to this world.

We can see here, this is the positive nature,  that I should not let the disturbance come into my mind. The external disturbances see in them as blessing. Everything is happening for the good. So he is seeing in that situation the blessing of god.


There are so  many obstacles in our life and we have to happy in that adverse situations, there are some tips which may help to get rid of negativity.

   Get rid of the negative energy attached to you :

Any good thing that sounds familiar to us should be happily share with . sometimes when we have finally gotten a piece of much-awaited good news, that should be immediately share it across all our WhatsApp groups and social media handles. Whether it is related to job or a loved one finally recovering from an illness.  It doesn’t matter what the news is, but it  makes us immensely happy. Enjoy the small moments of happiness.

When surrounded by negativity?

When you pay close attention, you can easily recognize and learn the symptoms that you are surrounded by negative energy and need to get rid of the same. Some of the symptoms are:

1. You feel fidgety and restless

2. You are not able to sleep properly

3.You feel down and out and anxious

4.Your thoughts and feelings spiral out of control

5. You tend to absorb others’ negative thoughts quickly

Your thoughts, the words you say, the people you interact with and even your home and office areas where you spend a lot of your time, are powerful concentrations of your energy. If you relate with any of the signs of negative energy in or around you as mentioned above, here are certain ways to get rid of the same:

First Identify the problem and get rid of negative influences in your life.

Do you feel drained of energy as soon as you meet a particular person or a go to a specific place ? Since negativity is toxic to your entire system, it is also important to identify the cause and source of this negativity. However, we understand that it is not always easy to detach yourself from such people. So, take the first step and cut down on the time you spend with people who drain your energy. It is important to establish and maintain boundaries so that you don’t get pushed into situations you don’t wish to be a part of.

 Practice meditation and calming techniques

One of the quickest ways to calm yourself  and get back to a state of relaxation is to practice meditation. Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Observe your thoughts as they pace through your head and do not label them as good or bad. Take deep relaxing breaths and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders. It is very easy and effective method to calm your mind.

If  you are not able to meditate, you can start walking or jogging to lift your spirits and drive the negative energy away. This is especially important when you don’t feel like doing anything at all and feel like you are getting sucked into a black hole of negativity.

Clean your office table and home and get rid of the clutter

It is also unique technique. Clean your tabletops, your closets and even your workstation to free up space and invite positivity your way. Make it a point to get rid of the clutter and do not hoard items that you no longer need.

Put a pause on cribbing and whining.

 The more you whine about what is irritating you, the more you pay attention to what is upsetting you and then you complain some more. Focus on the solution instead of  complaining as it doesn’t solve anything.

Stay close to nature

If you usually keep the windows closes, it is important to keep the windows open and let in sunlight and fresh air. You can also add more plants in and around your house for more vitality and positivity. Also, make it a point to remove dying or dead plants immediately. Certainly, this activity is helpful in getting rid of negativity.

This is the fact that the circumstances may be whatever your mood is always a choice that you make and, in any circumstance, you can choose to be happy.

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  1. We should always be grateful for what Eishwar Allah has given us. And we should be patient in difficult times. Great post. I agree with what you have said in the post.

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  2. Gratidão pelas palavras amigo, vamos controlar a mente e nos manter otimistas 🙏🙂🍀

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  3. Very interesting subject of negativity which nicely presented with sketches ,drawings and a video clip. We should deeply under stand .

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    Money has never made man happy, nor will it,
    there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness.
    The more of it one has the more one wants..
    Stay happy…Stay healthy…Stay blessed..


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