Invoking Powers of Maa Shakti

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Today is 15th October 2021 and we are celebrating Dussehra with much fervor and zeal, this day has significant in the history.

We should know the facts about this festival as such I am sharing herewith some information regarding this festival.

 The Hindu festival is observed on Shukla Paksha Dashami during the month of Ashwin as per Hindu lunar calendar and a day after Maha Navami or at the end of Shardiya Navratri.

Dussehra denotes victory of good over evil and there are two stories that are associated with the festival in Hindu mythology..

It is said that it was on this day that goddess Durga defeated Mahishasura after a fierce battle lasting for more than nine days.

In many parts of the country, it is also celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Rama over ten-headed demon king of Lanka, Ravana.

As we see in the idol, Maa Durga has eight arms allude to eight inner powers, Navratri is all about invoking these powers of Maa Shakti.

The eight arms of Ma Shakti symbolize the eight powers in every soul. The demons slain by Devi Durga during Navaratri . Navratri means nine nights that symbolizes our vices.

Invoking Ma Shakti implies invoking our Ashta-shakti, eight powers, to eradicate our weaknesses and to awaken the divinity within. These eight inner powers are::

1 Power to Withdraw:

When we encounter difficult scenarios, we need to remain untouched by the negative vibrations of situations and behaviors of people.

Instead of impulsively reacting out of stress or anger, we need to remain calm, stable, and then respond to the scene.

Our Affirmation Should be : ‘I am detached from the energy of the scene. I connect to my powers and respond peacefully. I defeat my demons of ego and anger.’

2 Power to Let Go :

We need to consciously release emotional burdens that weigh us down. We have to left past emotional pains, negative self-image, guilt, wrong habits, and addictions. Thereby we will be welcome new and right ways of thinking and living.

Our Affirmation should be :  I release everything that is uncomfortable for me. I remain light and easy. I defeat my demons of dependencies and hurt.’

3 Power to Withstand:

People often carry traits of insecurity, jealousy, rejection, or betrayal

which make them behave in wrong ways. They are not the cause of our pain; they themselves are in pain. This understanding empowers us to naturally accept and empathize with them.

Our Affirmation should be : I observe people’s behavior with empathy. My respect to them is their healing. I defeat my demons of arrogance and rejection.’

4 Power to Accept:

Accepting people or situations as they are, does not mean we let them be the way they are. It means we do not  deplete our energy in being judgmental. Let’s accept, remain in the present, and focus on the solution of any problems.

Our Affirmation should be : I am happy and contented as I flow with life. Situations may not be my way, but my mind is perfect and active.  I defeat my demons of expectations and sorrow.’

5 Power to understand:

We typically focus on people’s appearance, behaviour, or status. This is the reason we sometimes get misled. If we cleanse our energy through meditation, we can feel their vibrations, and understand people and situations as they are.

Our Affirmation should be : I simply  feel the vibrations of every scene. I discern truth from false, right from wrong. I defeat my demons of criticism and misunderstanding.’

6 Power to make Decision:

When making decisions, let us refrain from seeking approval. We can take advice if needed, but let us take responsibility for our decisions.

Our Affirmation should be : I take my own decisions with clarity and understanding. I defeat my demons of doubt and confusion.’

7 Power to Face:

It takes courage to stand up for what is right and confront abuse, exploitation, and corrupt practices. We should not tolerate them out of fear. Let us hold on to our values like a compass and move forward confidently.

Our Affirmation should be : I face and fearlessly confront unethical practices and do only what is right. I defeat my demons of fear and insecurity.’

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8 Power to Cooperate:

Cooperation does not always need us to do something; we just need to be ourselves, peaceful and loving. Let us selflessly care, share, and help with a feeling of belonging and intention of empowerment.

Our Affirmation should be : ‘Cooperation comes naturally to me. I understand we are all co-travelers on life’s journey. I defeat my demons of jealousy, competition, and comparison.’

On this occasion I pray for good to triumph over evil, for hope to triumph over hopelessness and for victory to triumph over failure. Believe you can change your circumstances and become victorious! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Dussehra

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