Chase  your  Dream

Hello friends.

On my own path of life, one particular quote that always give me motivation. I write down here.,

Every morning you have two choices; continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”

It is the fact that I am not specialists in any field but I may be generalists as I do different types of work.

We should not do things for money but we should do things which we love and that could generate money also.

I read somewhere that if you want to pursuing something, try to double your knowledge in that field and be updated every two or three months.

Now the vital question is — How to choose my favorite work. Sometimes we cannot decide to do what we like only due to fear of failure . 

I am not technical savvy but always try to learn something technically…

After my retirement I wanted to do something on its own without any bindings and without any fear. Today, I just want to share the incidence that made me Blogger and Art lovers.

Find the passion

My problem was how to find my passion.

I have read through a blog of my friend about idea of finding my passion. they had advised that Every day write down 10 ideas on your notepad,

 and take that notepad with you everywhere. whenever an idea comes, just note it down in the note pad.

It is said that so many ideas come in mind and that vanished after sometime. That is why I use to note down that ideas on my note pad , which is later helpful in my creative work.,

I was also interested to write my experiences of life in my diary, one of my close friends had suggested to create my own website and publish my life experiences write up through Blog.

Yes, I was just agreed with their suggestions.

Later on, I implemented those ideas one by one and experiencing some interest in doing so.

Now, I am using this exercise and get better and better in my creativity work every day.

It is important that how to choose the ideas yourself, and those ideas let you know your interest and will be helpful also in your creativity work.

Don’t Leave your Dream

Many people give up on their dreams simply because they are afraid of failure. This is a reflection of not having the correct mindset. we should have required motivation, guidance and support. People stop chasing their dreams because in my opinion it is a psychological factor.

Don’t leave your present job until you are established in your new business you like to do.

Do experiment with your ideas at small level, with minimum investment, with different types of audiences to see if it is a good idea,

 you need to be a good persuader also.

Be courageous

Failure is the result of the lack of will and commitment to perform an action.

I have learnt that .. half-hearted and  less input you put in, then  there will be no satisfactory rewards at the end.

Take baby steps towards your goal every chance you get. Those steps will become strides and eventually you will be running towards your goal.

Furthermore, taking risks will become a habit, which isn’t a bad thing. Learning to take risks will give you more courage to tackle greater obstacles that lay in the path of your dream. Therefore, you won’t fear failure.  It is the fact that failure will only then become a learning experience for you. I have also experienced it.

Live with Dream big

Just pause for a second and think about the accumulative effect of planning, executing, and the courage for your dream. Put all those together will definitely  made  it  possible in achieving much more than you expected.

Along with your dream perhaps you will enter a new avenue and you will find answer of your true calling and 

a talent that you thought you never had. These hidden talents won’t be explored unless you dream big because when you step out of your comfort zone is the moment when you truly get to know yourself. Yes, I have a big dream too.

Share Ideas

If you are afraid to share ideas then you are not confident on your own skills.

If someone copies your idea, it means you are good at creating ideas and if they implement it in short time than you, then you are not supposed to be part of that business. The more they steal the better you are at creating ideas.

Take Responsibility

Never blame others, accept your fault and the best way is to learn from it and avoid it in future.

Skip this line

“You cannot do this .. Skip this line”   and never listen to people who say you cannot do this.  In response, you should tell yourself that … You can do this by their own.

You should have healthy friendship, non-toxic relationship and physically and mentally fit in your personal life.

Don’t try to control things which are not in your control, because  you cannot be creative under these situations.

Believe your dreams will come true

The final piece for chasing your dream is the stern belief in yourself that you can achieve it.

Don’t settle on smaller things; cultivate the energy on a daily basis to really go after what you want in life because your dreams do not need to remain dreams forever.

The combination of a plan, its execution and inner belief are perhaps the spark in making your dream come alive.

Thank you for your valuable time and patience in reading my blog. Please feel free to share your views..

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  1. I must say you never fail to inspire people reading your commendable work🎉😅💯💯👌

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  2. lot more to inspire here, trying so hard do to all.. pray for me.

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  3. Thank you very much..
    Stay connected …Stay happy….


  4. Such an inspirational post. The points you mentioned are priceless gems! Thank you for this knowledge👏🏼👌🏼

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  5. All the points specified in your writing are useful for leading a peaceful life. Nicely presented.

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  6. Really excellent,
    “Chase your Dream” is having a very good ideas to inculcate,to develop oneself,to make a dream successful.
    The attached video is the heart touching and having expression s of your past and is memorable.
    Thanks dear ! for such inspiring post.
    Mohan “madhur”

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  7. very inspiring!with lovely song sung by shreya !i loved it !

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    relationship do not die a natural death,
    they are murdered by uncontrolled anger called EGO..


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