#Balloon of Happiness#


Happiness is the most important things in this world. We would like to express and share happiness with friends and family.

Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment.

Everyone experiences both positive and negative emotions. Happiness is generally linked to experiencing more positive feelings than negative.

We all want to continue this experience of happiness always. But that is not possible all the time, because our moods always swing between positive and negative thought.

Our brain rewards us in the form of happiness for certain behavior pattern and to get more and more happiness we have to repeat that pattern again and again and again.

It has been observed that some people just tend to be naturally happier, and feel happiness   even in adverse situations.

On the other side, there are some people who looks unhappy all the time by nature. They never satisfy with things they have.

But there are things that you can do to cultivate your sense of happiness.

While perceptions of happiness may be different from one person to the others,  but some of the situations may be considered as happiness moments when… …

1.     there is Feeling that we are living the life we wanted.

2.     there is a Feeling that the conditions of our life are good.

3.     there is a Feeling that we have accomplished what we want in life.

4.     there is a feeling that we satisfied with our life.

5.      there is a Feeling of more positivity than negativity.

There is a beautiful story about sense of happiness……

A wise teacher once brought balloons to the school and told her pupils to blow them up. She asked them to write their name on one of the balloons.

After the children were done writing the names, they tossed their balloons into the hall and the teacher mixed all of the balloons up so that none of the children could trace theirs easily.

Five minutes were given to the kids to find the balloon with their name on it. However, even after a frantic search, none of the kids could find their own balloon.

The teacher then asked the children to pick the balloon that was lying nearest to them and give it to the person whose name was written on it.

In less than two minutes, everyone was standing holding their own balloon.

The teacher then said to the children, “These balloons are like the balloons of happiness.

We won’t find our happiness if we’re only searching for our own. However, if we care about other’s happiness…it will ultimately help us find our own.”

The crux of the story is that when we choose to look for our own happiness, we will never happen to find it.

However, when we care about other’s happiness and take their emotions into account — it will eventually help us find our own happy place.

How to cultivate your sense of happiness

1, Enjoy every moment.

Studies have found that people tend to over earn— and they become so focused on accumulating things that they lose track of actually enjoying what they are doing.

So, rather than falling into the trap of mindlessly accumulating to the detrimental of our own happiness, focus on practicing gratitude for the things we have and enjoying the process as we go.

2. Avoid Negative Thoughts

When we stuck into a pessimistic attitude then we will be experiencing negativity,

It has been observed that People have a natural negativity bias, or we can say tendency to pay more attention to bad things than to good things. This can have an impact on every aspect of life.

People who are Discounting the positive and focus on the negativity will contribute to negative thoughts only.

We therefore try to avoid those negative thoughts and find the way to cultivate the habit of happiness.

3. Pursue Intrinsic Goals

One should try   Achieving goals that are intrinsically motivated to pursue.

It means we should be focused on personal growth and community, that can help boost our happiness.

Research suggests that pursuing these types of intrinsically-motivated goals can increase happiness more than pursuing extrinsic goals like gaining money or status.

Impact of Happiness

There is great impact of happiness in many different areas of life. Some impacts are mentioned as.–

  • Positive emotions increase satisfaction in life.
  • Happiness helps people build stronger coping skills and emotional resources.
  • Positive emotions are linked to better health and longevity. One study found that people who experienced more positive emotions have longer life span.
  • People who report having a positive state of mind are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors such as eating healthy diet including fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular physical exercise.
  •  Being happy may help you get rid of sickness less often. Happier mental states are linked to increased immunity.
  •  Positive feelings increase resilience. Resilience helps people better manage stress and bounce back better when faced with setbacks.
  •  One study found that happier people tend to have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

In the state of happiness, what role does the brain play ? ..

There are primarily four chemicals released in the brain which give us the experience of happiness we seek. 

Let’s understand these chemicals…

1.     Endorphins… 

 It released in our body when exercising to mask the pain and give the sense of accomplishment. ..endorphins helps in masking the pain in the body that we experience while exercising  and other situations.

2. Oxytocin…

The 2nd chemical is oxytocin. It is also called the love chemical. it is released in case of physical proximity and in social bonding, its primarily function is to incentivize human reproduction, social bonding and sense of well-being.

3. Dopamine…

This is the puzzling chemical. It is related to expectations, promises and rewards.

It hijacks the brain, and people tends to be happy in anticipation of  joy ahead.

It is all about the future happiness. so, it is not related to immediate satisfaction. 

4.  Serotonin.

This chemical gives us the sense of serenity. we feel Calm, equipoise, fulfilment.

this chemical gives you happiness that truly fulfil you, and it is released in case of doing good and noble work.

It is said that serotonin is released in the act of kindness, which will make you feel good about yourself.


Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.  Life is like a balloon; you must put something into it to get the best possible results.

The balloons only have one life and the only way of finding out whether they work.

Yes,  if you wish to  attempt to fly around the world,   fly high with your dream..

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  1. Great post. And the balloon story lovely!🎈🎈

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  5. Greetings from Austria.
    This is a really nice post.
    Yes, happiness is a wonderful feeling.
    I am very grateful for all the happiness in life.
    I am a happy person and want to increase the happiness around me. Through positive examples, through conversations, through everything that makes you happy.
    I wish you, your loved ones and your friends, all the happiness in the world.
    Blessings be with you!

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  6. Thank you dear,
    I am happy to know that you are happy..
    Happiness is contagious, spread it..
    Stay connected …Stay happy…


  7. Such a beautiful post 🌺👌🏼

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  8. Balloon story is an example of happiness. But there are many things in your writing e.g. some medical term,chemical hormones and other. Nicely presented.

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  9. I enjoyed reading your article. I found the balloon story thought-provoking.

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    The response is one of the most powerful weapons to occupy in someone’s heart…
    So, always give the best response to the people who care for you.
    Stay happy…Stay blessed


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