# Give wings to your passion #

One area that I am passionate about is self-development and self-improvement in my personal life. I am always looking to challenge myself and learn new things. … I enjoy learning new things, that keeps me going.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader… john Quincy Adams

Yoga is my Life

I have a passion for Yoga, Art and blogging. I want to give them wings to fly.

As I feel that yoga helps me to listen to my body and mind . It is so connected with me that I cannot live without yoga.
I have a daily routine to follow, I like to start my day with yoga.  I generally spend more than an hour in the morning with yoga and some light exercise.

I am doing yoga for a long time but in this time of corona pandemic it is really very helpful maintaining my fitness and keeping my mind cool.

During pandemic, I realize what I needed was to be healthy and feel healthy from within, because some time ago, I was suffering from chronic backpain, my gut issues was due to confined myself in home during corona pandemic.

All these problems are now being solved by doing regular yoga and not only that it also helped in regularizing my hormones. I enjoy to live cheerful now.

I am of the view that all age of us must practice yoga.

Yes, intensity can be varied according to age and personal capacity. But it is more important to be consistent in Yoga to get ourself fit and healthy.

our ultimate desire is to lead a happy and disease-free life even in corona regime.

Art is my passion

Art is organizing in me so that my mind remains align with creativity within.

It is true that Art promotes mental health. Art is one of the wonderful forms which you can try at home to keep yourself busy.

During self-isolation due to coronavirus, I have turned to my new passion of Art and drawing a year ago.

 It really provides me the creative opportunity for expression; this is actually driven by an innate desire to use my brains in ways that make me feel good. I really feel very relaxed during my art and drawing session.

I have read somewhere that Mental health issue affect nearly half of the global population, at some point above 40 years of age.

Add to that, the recent situation of corona pandemic, maintaining mental wellness and managing fear and uncertainty is a challenge for us.  It is time to think differently when it comes to how we engage our minds.

I have read somewhere that Creative Art is one of the wonderful forms which you can try at home and best option in the present corona situations.

You may keep yourself busy with your own creations, do not bother if you’re not good at art and craft.

 In my case, I love to draw sketches and paintings, I know I am not good at my art work, but still, I hope you will enjoy my creation.

I just say…I am enjoying Art & sketches.

Once my teacher had said…. emphasize on practice and process over product and takes the pressure off to make something that looks good. If you really want to keep a copy, snap a quick photo of the work, then let it go.

I love Blogging

Once question came to my mind .. Why we should be  blogging publicly, rather than keeping  my write up  with my personal notepad.

I found the answer immediately that I love to connect with our friends through social media and blogging is the best way.

It is a good form of mind engagement and we can share ideas and knowledge   with friends.

Really it is one of the wonderful things, Blogging is how we constantly evolve , we learn, grow, and interact with one another.

 —Without fearing about where and when I start, just did my  goals set and started thereof..

— That first thing that came into my mind that we have to start writing, and worrying about editing later.

This is the way I started my blogging because of my passion.

I have already posted 800 plus Blogs and have more than 600 followers.

I am now enjoying blogging and very good friend circle has been created.

 I am completely healthy by the grace of God and wish you all a healthy life.

This is a very effective medium to connect with all you friends and enjoying happy moments together.

I have kept different categories in my blog, under which I keep expressing my views from time to time and also getting feedback through comments from you.

I want to mold my personality into a person who is happy and friendly with everyone, for this I am constantly trying.

Yes, I just found wings to my passion.

Friends Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Don’t worry,… break the rules, love truly, love yourself, Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything in life,

Do the thing that makes you smile. None of us is permanent here.

Just give wings to your passion.

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  1. Very true! Yoga and creative pursuits create a sense of well being..👍

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  2. You seem to have several talented facets of your own. I am really surprised being ignorant during our time together. Not only you, Sekhar Nalin is other person who has very keen observations and power of expression too. Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • very correct sir,
      Sekhar Nalin sir is a Good writer indeed, Perhaps they did not get time
      during Banking tenure , now they are enjoying ..
      These are nothing but a way to connect with all
      friends and to refresh our past memories.
      Stay connected and Stay blessed sir..


  3. Inspiring and empowering post. Totally agree with you . Setting wings to our passion brings in a wellbeing for both mind and body.

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  4. It is said that yoga practioners are also artist as yoga and arts are complementary. No wonder you have developed your creative skills like blogging, painting, sketching as yoga helps in fostering creative energy through unification of mind and body. All the best

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  5. Very nice your passions. All these things are nicely presented ie Yoga,Painting, Photos and many more.

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  6. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy
    May these festivals bring Joy & Happiness to you &your family..


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