# Why we get angry #


We are going through tough time due to corona pandemic. sometimes I get angry on silly things.

Although I am habitual of that but after the corona pandemic, I am more worried with my anger. Sometimes it creates unfriendly environment in our houses also.

 Since the outbreak of COVID-19, emerging data reports shown that all types of violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, has intensified. This may be said that this is an environmental effect.

I therefore decided to discuss about how to deal with our anger.

It is wise to control the anger before it controls you.

We all know what anger is .

Sometime we get angry and cannot control ourself. Have you thought why we get angry and what causes made us angry ? .

The answer is when something we want does not happened, that is the reason what makes us angry .

No doubt Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive.

It can lead to problems  — problems at work (professional relationship), in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life.

When we get angry, our heart rate and blood pressure go up, and also as do the levels of our energy hormones, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.

Anger can be caused by both external and internal factors.

Sometimes we get angry at a specific person in the office or even at our home due to some unexpected behavior.

Sometimes due to traffic jam and other external factors.  we feel helpless to control our anger.

Sometimes our anger could be caused by worrying or our personal problems. Memories of traumatic or enraging events can also trigger angry feelings .These are internal factor and we can manage with some ways.

 It  is important to manage our anger. There are so many tools that can be useful to keep anger away.


Exercise of deep breathing and relaxing imagery, are helpful to cool down your angry feelings.

We may try  following steps..

1. Breathe deeply, from our diaphragm;        

2. breathing from our chest slowly.. See  your breath coming up from your “gut.”

3. Slowly repeat a calm word or phrase such as “relax,” “take it easy.” Repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply.

4. Use imagery; visualize a relaxing experience, from either your memory or your imagination.

5. Easy yoga-like exercises can relax your muscles and make you feel much calmer.

Practice these techniques daily. Learn to use them automatically when you’re in a tense situation.

Cognitive Restructuring

It means, changing the way you think.

generally Angry people tend to curse, or speak in highly colorful terms that reflect their inner thoughts.

When you’re angry, your thinking can get very exaggerated and overly dramatic.

Try replacing these thoughts with more rational ones. For instance, instead of telling yourself, “oh, it’s awful, it’s terrible, everything’s ruined,”

 Just tell yourself, “It’s frustrating, and it’s understandable that I’m upset about it, but it’s not the end of the world and getting angry is not going to fix our problem anyhow.”

Problem Solving

Sometimes, our anger and frustration are caused by very real and inescapable problems in our lives.

Anger is a healthy and natural response to these difficulties.

There is also a cultural belief that every problem has a solution,

Make a plan, and check your progress along the way.

Resolve to give it your best, but also not to punish yourself if an answer doesn’t come right away.

 If your approach is with your best intentions and efforts, your anger will go down even if the problem does not get solved right away.

Better communication

If you’re in a heated discussion, first thing to do is slow down and think through your responses.

Don’t react immediately, but slow down and think carefully about what you want to say.

At the same time, listen carefully to what the other person is saying and take your time before answering.

If other person starts complaining about your activities, don’t retaliate by painting that people as a Hitler.

It’s natural to get defensive when you’re criticized, but don’t fight back.

Instead, listen to what’s underlying the words: the reason that this person might feel neglected and unloved.

Mutual Communication is the best way to solve any problems of anger…

Write it down

Sometimes, writing stuff down can help you work out why you’re feeling angry and how you might be able to deal with it. It’ll also help you to put things in perspective.

 Count to 100,

This one seems pretty basic, but it works.

Thinking about something other than what’s making you upset for 100 seconds. It  can help you avoid blowing a fuse. It gives you a chance to gather yourself and your thoughts before you do anything else..

Press pause

When you feel angry about something, it’s almost impossible to deal with the situation in a productive or helpful way. If you feel yourself losing your cool, just walk away from the situation for a while. You’ll deal with it better when everyone is feeling calmer.

 Talk to someone

Talking to someone you trust about how you’re feeling can take a weight off your shoulders as well as your mind.

That could be a trusted friend or family member.

If your anger is getting out of control, consider seeing a mental health professional. And get the solution of your problem.

Take time to relax

If you know what helps you to feel relax, you’ll find it really useful whenever you’re feeling angry. Take some time out to do something you enjoy, whether that’s walking in the park, reading a book or listening to music. All these are helpful in relaxing.

Friends, Anger generally does not resolve any problem but made you feel fearful or vulnerable. It can create new problems including social and health issue . Take care of yourself and better to stay away with anger..

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  3. Indeed, in these pandemic times, it is very hard to control our emotions, especially anger. You have rightly listed the ways manage it. This was a very helpful post. Thank you for sharing! 😊

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  4. Many tips for anger control. Generally it is very difficult to control own anger.It requires more practices.Human is slave of the situation. Happy Independence day.

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  5. Anger is one of our emotion, sometimes we really can’t control over it and for that reason sometimes we have to face lots of unwanted situation. Well expressed 😊🌹!

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