# Time is flying #

A beautiful quote ;

“Time is the pivot of life activities. When you miss a second, you miss a time in your lifetime . Time is undoubtedly the greatest asset one can ever acquire.

The ultimate and real-time is in the mind. Time is thought and thought is time. To mind your time, mind your thought! To mind your life, mind your time !

Yes, time is flying so fast that our life is being shortened day by day.

With or without smiles, the new days will come.

There was a western philosopher called Swett Marden ..

He was asked about the transformational moment in his life that changed his views and made him a philosopher.

They replied — one day I saw a picture that completely changed my ideas, my perceptions.

People questioned .. just seeing a picture? What picture was it ?

He said.  I had gone to a painting exhibition.  I came across a beautiful painting, in which there was a man with his face covered by hair, and wings under his feet,

The picture had a beautiful caption … I am time. Nobody can see me, but I keep flying.

This is how time is.  We are unable to see it, but it is constantly moving. And along with its movement, our life is getting shortened day by day..

That is why we need to utilize the time available very carefully.

There is a story illustrating the importance of time in our life. That was also the advice of Ravana to Lakshman.

In Lanka Ram slaved Ravana and he was lying mortally wounded in the battleground.

Shri Ram told to Lakshmana — go to him and take some education.

Lakshmana was astonished to hear this from Shri Ram. He said .. “Brother, he  is an evil soul and  our  enemy, why should go for their advice.”

Ram said..  he is a great scholar and a commentator of the Vedas..

He is now departing; you go to him and take some life lessons from him that no one else can give

It is said that a person’s last words are very important

what he will say is the result of his lifelong experience.

Listening to Shri Ram, Lakshmana visited where Ravana was lying in a dying state.

Lakshman stood near the head of Ravana for some time,  but Ravana did not say anything.

Lakshmana returned and told Lord Shri Ram that he does not speak anything at all.

Then Shri Ram said that if you want to get knowledge from someone, then you should stand with folded hands near his feet and not near his head.

Shri Ram told Lakshmana, to go again and sit near the feet of Ravana.

Hearing this, Lakshmana again visited Ravana and this time he sat down at his feet of Ravana with folded hands.

Ravana saw Lakshman and then said ….. Lakshman my child, you want to hear some words from me.. Yes, I have some advice for you., Always remember two things in life..

The first one, if ever you are inspired to do something good, go ahead to do that immediately. Later on, the chance may slip out of your hands.

And 2nd one, if ever the desire arises to do something bad, terrible nasty, .. postpone it and think I will do it later.

Let 24 hours go by. It is possible in the meantime your views may change. You may be prevented from doing that sin.

Ravana said with tears in his eyes. Lakshman learns from me. I thought of building a stairway to heaven but postponed that resulting in our wishes could not be fulfilled.

on the other hand, there was a thought of kidnapping  Jagat Janani Mother Sita.. I went ahead and did it right away, and the result is before you. I am lying in a dying state.

That is why we must realize that the opportunity presented by the human form is tremendous. Hence in auspicious work, we must not delay.

Whenever there is a chance to do good work, it should be done immediately.

who knows about tomorrow?  Because time is flying.

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  1. Time is precious. These are the good things to remember what Ravan on dying stage told to Laxman .Time is a scale to measure our span of life.Nice combination of your writing in pretext of Ramayana.

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  2. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Keep going because…
    Everything you need will come
    to you at a perfect time …


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