# Yes, I can sketch #

Hello dear ,

 I am retired, what do you think about retired life ?

 Yes, it is time for me to enjoy my life free from work and other assignments, as I was helpless till yesterday.

Now, I am pursuing what I love.

However, I was in the impression that, retirement is nothing but a milestone., But what I feel now, this is a suitable time for trying out something new.. 

I was considering starting to enjoy a life of an Artist, because Art is close to my heart.

One day, I arranged a sketch book and started my sketches, for the last one year.  I have made so many sketches as you have seen through my Blog.

A week before, one of my close friends remarked…you always use to draw sketches of young girl only. I think you want to send message that you are still young. …

I was a bit surprised with their remarks.

After a pause, I replied immediate…. Hello my dear friend, May be I am looking like an old man but my heart is still beating like young.

Moreover, it is not correct that I always use to sketch beautiful Girls only..

I am at the learning stage, so I also practicing how to draw other sketches and paintings.


Can you have some time for me so that I can justify my words. Just look at some sketches and paintings that are mentioning here., I am sure your perception might be changed.

Moreover, I am not yet retired, just changed the nature of work..

No doubt, I am retired from Bank service but enjoying new type of experiencing now.

 What do you think ?

Friends, don’t let your age (it’s just a number!) stop you from pursuing something that you want to try and feel happiness doing that.

Sometimes we are unable to do so because of our other responsibilities after retirement.

 Check what other options you have available to enjoy rest of your life and plan accordingly,.

Remember, Art is one of the wonderful forms which you can try at home and best option in the present corona situations.

You may keep yourself busy with your own creation if you’re not good at art and craft .

 In my case, I love to draw sketches and paintings, I know I am not good at my art work, but still, I hope you will enjoy my creation.

I just say…I can sketch .

My Sketch Book ..click the link below..



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18 replies

  1. बहुत अच्छे 👍

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  2. आपके हौसलाअफजाई के लिए
    बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद सर जी \


  3. Beautiful sketches. I appreciate you that you have utilised your retirement life in proper way and also sharing your story, poem,sketches and articles for our enjoyment.

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  4. good sketches.. colors are imp,, even I used to draw but not as good as you 🙂

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  5. Beautiful sketches. Keep it up 👍

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