# Breaking  Negative Thought Habit #

So many people can be responsible for your success,
But only you are responsible for your failure…


It is said that the Mind is difficult to control but not impossible. Even the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single steps.

It does not matter how we are doing right now, the point is what are we going to do next.  

if you have fallen 1000 times you get up the 1001th time, Is it correct ?

It is the fact that mind is difficult to control, sometimes when we are concentrating on God, our mind goes to everything else. What should we do?

Arjun said in Mahabharat that it is more difficult to control the mind than the wind.,

Everybody knows that Arjuna’s mind was so controlled and focus that he became the best dhanurdhar at that time.

Still, he was unable to control his mind and got nervous in Mahabharat.

Everybody is a bag of virtues and defects.  But nobody likes harboring with…

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  1. This is a repost. Read it recently on your blog.

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  2. Yes Sir,
    some of our Blogs are reposted ,
    however, this is inadvertently reposted.


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