# Extinction of life #

Caring is a gift that no one can buy, It is made up of
Love that roots in our Hearts and creates memories
not just for a while but for a Lifetime..


Australian animals face extinction threat as bushfire toll mounts

I  read sometime before that  an Australian volunteer Sarah Price found a baby kangaroo frightened but miraculously alive in the pouch of its dying mother surrounded by the embers of Australia’s bushfires.

It seems right to name it Chance .   Price, a member of wildlife rescue group WIRES, told AFP ,“We think  that a lot of animals  have   perished in the fire.”

Haunting images of koalas with singed fur, possums with burnt paws or countless charred kangaroo carcasses have flashed all over .this event  shows that how  a nation and its  environment buckling under the weight of a crisis  brought by  the climate change.

The populations of less visible creatures, such as frogs, insects, invertebrates and reptiles, are also expected to have been devastated. Experts warn that even those animals that survive face a threat to stay alive.

“A lot of…

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