# Frenzied Passion #

You learn more from failure than from success.
Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character,


Me and my painting

Graphite pencil sketching has always been my favorite medium for art. It was my first love when I started learning basic drawing technique. Since I am self-taught,

it was the easiest tool to control and manage. It is also the most portable and clean tool so far as my drawing and sketches are concerned.

I find it very convenient for its portability. I have acquired different types of graphite pencil for my work.

I started learning about blending pencil technique and received help from one of my friend who also happens to be drawing teacher. I use to visit his place to learn the blending technique but due to corona pandemics this opportunity has not lasted long and again I am in a position to self learn the art confined at home due to pandemic.

Now I am using colour pencil and pastels colour in my…

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