Living with Loneliness..???

Waves are inspiring, not because they rise and fall…
But because they never fail to rise again….
So, be positive …Hard time will go soon…


Feelings of loneliness and isolation affect all ages of people, although some, like adolescents (individual between 10 to 24 yrs. of age), are more likely to have more impact than others.

The elderly are also at high risk. Research show that more than 20 percent of people aged more than 60 frequently feel intensely lonely.

It is a great concern that loneliness can have serious detrimental effect on one’s mental and physical health.

It can be a risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, among other critical diseases.

Lonely people are also twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Loneliness can be a chronic stress condition that ages the body and causes damage to overall growth.

The new study found that loneliness  is caused by a number of  factors.

  • . Age-associated losses and inadequate social skills

  •  . The loss of spouses, siblings and friends

  • . Lack…

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  1. Loneliness is truly a difficult face in life but once we overcome it we become champions.

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  1. Living with Loneliness..??? – Love & Love Alone

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