# Express your happiness #

Dear friends,

Happiness is the most important things in this world.. we would like to express and share happiness with friends and family..

there are different ways to express happiness ..

I generally express happiness with my friends through morning messages at social media platforms.

Today morning, I was on my morning walk when I heard my mobile ringing.

I checked those texts  sent by my friends.

I found so many  cheerful messages in my inbox

that read as …, good morning friends  … I wish your day  filled with joy and happiness…

  Someone texted…….be positive, be cheerful and be happy at the present moments…

One message where my eyes stopped ..…sir, I have purchased my flat and today is Grihpravesh…

I was feeling their state of happiness on their great achievement.

Yes, This is great to celebrate happy moments with friends and make oneself happy always..


there are so many moments that come in our life when we celebrate but for the time being..

In fact, happiness does have a pretty important role in our lives, and it can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives.

When I do something good for my own self and for others, I mostly feel overwhelmed and it gives me happiness and satisfaction.

Mostly we share our happiness with our close friends and relatives.

I was very excited when I posted my first blog …now I always find something interesting in my daily lifestyle to write about.

I can sincerely tell you that my blog  gives me immense pleasure.

That is the reason, I always keep myself  happy even in this corona pandemic time,,

whenever I post my blog , my mood is on top of the cloud. 

I always smile, this is one thing that I love to do all the time because I don’t bother about what others think about me..

Generally, I  mind my own business and keep myself happy always by celebrating even the smallest achievement ..It is my endeavor to post motivational articles  in my blog  to help my friends be happy.

Yes, we should grab small opportunities and find reason to express our happiness.

This is my life, I do always find time to share  my happiness with all my friends who really care for me and show me the right path. I always try to make everyone happy and laugh.

Sometimes my mood goes down and I feel bad for the day. In those circumstances, I usually do something to get it back..…

When I am unhappy I listen melodious songs.

When I am  unhappy I call my close friends and express my feeling.

After some chatting or interaction, I feel the change within…

When I am unhappy I meditate and have yoga more overtime that feel my  mind cool..

When I am unhappy I read books, write blogs that engage my mind and give instant relief.

When I am unhappy I sink myself in drawing and painting that gives immense boost to my mood..

I do all these things because I want to live every moment and keep myself going and share my happiness with people who are close to me.

I have clear thought…do something good and stay good. Nobody can create barrier if you have courage to face these obstacles.

If you are feeling happy, let  yourself feel good and do your best to steer clear of negative ideas.

Be proud of your achievements and don’t let thoughts like, “I could have done that better” or “I don’t deserve this” get in your way..

Let me know your view. I will be happy .

Click the link below for “Why Motivating Yourself”.



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23 replies

  1. May you be well and happy! 🙏🙏🙏

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  2. When I was unhappy, you made me 😊

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  3. I am trying to be happy, but after 40+ years of being married it’s hard being a widow.

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  4. Thank you. It motivated me to work harder and go home,

    Thank you.


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  5. Happiness is state of mind. Sharing happiness is an inspiration for the person to be happy always. Nicely expressed. Have a good day.

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  6. Beautiful and inspiring 💕

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  7. An uplifting post!

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  8. Wow, such a cool post. Express your joy, happiness, and all the good emotions that we naturally have. How wonderful life is.

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  9. “Happiness is only as joyful as your unforgettable memories!” _-Van Prince

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