# Me and my aspirations #

I never paint Dreams or nightmares,

I paint my own reality….Frida Kahlo

After returning from morning walk, I mostly like  to sit on my table,  take my pen, flip the pages of my dairy and  then wonder about my inner feelings …

I feel that  my thoughts  were spread in nature ..and I pick pieces of idea from there .

I close my eyes, have a cup of tea in my hand and smile on my face with beautiful thoughts for my Blog…that is how I start my work which keeps me going.

My  thought that retirement would afford me the freedom to live on my own schedule.

It is just a beautiful  thought because I want to become a creative person and aspire to contribute to my society..

I am good at physical health  and am financially free.

With the grace of God , I am mentally healthy too.

It is true  that  I am still not perfect at  Blogging and story writing.

Unfortunately,  I call myself as  Corona Blogger..

Yes  friends, the Blogging idea came to my mind due to house quarantine during corona pandemic.

Corona was the main reason I got enough time to think of it.

I am just reviving my old hobbies of drawing painting, writing stories  and poems to cope with the corona pandemic situation.

But by the Grace of God and support of you friends, I started this Blog a year ago and have completed 500 articles till date on my website.

With this achievement, I think one can consider oneself as a successful Blogger .

Not only this, I have had the good fortune of posting articles for 40 consecutive days as suggested by wordpress .

I further intend to make drawings and paintings, and post it in my blog, for this, now I have started practicing daily. I know that by practicing, I will definitely achieve success one day.

 It is my sincere desire that I share my painting through my blog and I can get your appreciation. Yes guys, I want to be an artist.

I also wish you all to be healthy and happy

  I hope you all will definitely help me in my endeavors.

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  1. Perfectly utilization of time in retired life for self satisfaction. Revival of old hobbies and story writings are appreciable .

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  2. Those days are upon me too. I tried retirement for a few days, got bored, found something new to do!

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  3. I really marvel how you manage to write blogs everyday without fail. It requires a very creative mind to write new things everyday. You are making the most productive use of retired life by perfecting all your creative skills. All my best wishes to you and may you get more traffic and readers to your blogs.

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  4. Congratulations 🎉🎉 on your 500 articles and posting for 40 consecutive days. Very nice post and drawings !! All the very best 👍🏻

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  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time.
    Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.


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