# Pranayama to built Immune system #

In the era of corona pandemic, Everyone is thinking about improving their immunity power to be safe from this dreaded disease.

For this, so many recommendation are being shared through social media including some   exercising or walking for an hour every day,.

 while some people recommend taking other types of Ayurvedic medicines apart from vitamin C.

 Similarly, some recommend eating more  fruits.. green vegetables and dry fruits. They  also recommend drinking plenty of water.

But is the universal truth that …..whatever you eat , it doesn’t impact on our body if it is not  propery digested . The digestion is the key to get the optimum result..

First, we have to know that proper amount of water and air play an important role in proper digestion of food.  Generally, People pay attention to food but not to water and air.

If you do not get food, you can stay alive for a few days, even if you do not get water, you can remain alive for at least three days, but if air is not available for 1 to 5 minutes, then death is certain. This means that clean air is important for the body.

Hence, the truth is that it is important to know whether your immunity power increases by eating something or not, but it certainly increases by digestion.

Eat anything, if it is not digested on time, it will rot and then we will only suffer.

 Similarly, if you drink a lot of water and that too is not digested on time, then it will only do harm.

That is why in yoga, it has been said that  right diet, right meditation and right sleep all three are necessary to get our immunity stronger..

. Now  we will discuss about  Pranayama… , how it can strengthen our immune system…

To purify the air of the body, it is necessary to do pranayama. Through pranayama, the speed of breathing becomes balanced and it is regularised.

Due to the balanced movement of breathing, each part of the body also operates properly and starts digesting food faster.

Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. It’s a main component of yoga, an exercise for physical and mental wellness.

Yoga is not just an exercise form but an alternative healing method.

BKS Iyengar, a well-known yoga master, said, “Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” Breathing exercises are an important part of yoga.

The practice of breath controlling is called pranayama.

There are Top 5 Pranayama Exercises, we Must Start with…

Bhastrika Pranayama (Breath of fire)

Kumbhaka Pranayama (Breath retention)

Simhasana (Lion’s Breath)

Mrigi Mudra Pranayam (Deer seal breathing)

Kapalabhati Pranayam (Skull shining)

1. Bhastrika Pranayama (Breath of fire)

How to do it: Start by sitting tall with your legs crossed. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Take a deep breath through your nose to fill your lungs.

Now, exhale forcefully with a hissing sound. Do this for about 5 minutes or 21 times. Try to do it twice a day.

.2. Kumbhaka Pranayama (Breath retention)

How to do it:

Sit in padmasana position with your hands on your knees. Keep your spine and shoulders relaxed but straight. Inhale and exhale normally for a couple of times.

Then, inhale, hold it in for as long as possible and exhale. Increase the time you retain the air inside your lungs

3. Simhasana (Lion’s Breath)

How to do it:

Start by kneeling down on the floor with your arms on your knees and your ankles crossed. Your feet must point out. Now, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth by opening your mouth wide and sticking out your tongue. Your tongue should be towards your chin. While exhaling, produce ‘ha’ sound. Do this a couple of times and then relax.

4. Mrigi Mudra Pranayama (Deer seal breathing)

How to do it:

Mrigi mudra is how you hold your fingers. So, curl your middle finger and index finger and press them on the base of your thumb.

Keep your other fingers stretched. Use your right hand for the mudra if you are a right-handed person and left hand if you are a left-hander.

Now, sit in padmasana and keep your back, shoulder and neck straight. If you are a right-handed person and has used your right hand for the mudra, bring your right hand near your nose and use your pinky to close your left nostril. Inhale from the right then close your right nostril with the thumb to exhale from the left nostril. Do this about five times and then relax.

5. Kapalabhati Pranayama (Skull shining)

How to do it:

Sit in padmasana or a comfortable cross-legged position. Keep your spine, shoulders and neck in a straight line. Keep your palms on your knees.

Now, take a deep breath and expel it out with short contraction of your abdomen muscles. Try to do around five exhalations for a single inhalation. Eventually, increase it to 10 exhalations per one inhalation.

These breathing exercises will help keep your lungs healthy and protect you from breathing problems. Do every morning to enjoy the benefits.

Through the movement of breathing, the juices that come out of the food  reach every part of the body in time.

 In such a situation, even if you have taken vitamin C or D or not, but the body makes up its supply with the combination of other vitamins or proteins.

As we know that no supplements or multivitamin tablets are taken by the tribal people,  yet they are more healthy than the common urban, because the speed of their breathing is being operated naturally.

When you exercise or walk, the speed of your breathing is repaired in it. Therefore, understand this mechanism that breathing plays an important role in keeping our body healthy.

A healthy body has a healthy immune system. If you do pranayama regularly, then it is certain that all the parts of your body will start functioning smoothly and gradually The toxins of the body will start coming out.

Source: Google.com

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