The Key to Happiness…

Today we have got no time,
Tomorrow we will be too tired,
And the day after that….
we won’t be there,
Don’t put anything off…
Live for the moment…

Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive…


Today when I woke up in the morning , I heard my mobile beeping a lot.

I just checked and find so many morning messages…

Saying good morning …wishing you a day filled with joy and happiness…

Someone texted…….be positive, be cheerful and be happy at the present moments…

What would you reply if someone asks you about your current mood? You will say happy, sad or angry.

But do you really think that it’s enough to describe your mood ? How would describe an extremely amazing vacation? As a ‘happy one’?

But for how many times you can use the word happy. The word will lose its meaning. You can use the phrase ‘over the moon’ to express happiness or flying high… a situation when some one is happy because they are ignoring problem or fail to realize its existence.

In fact, happiness does have a pretty important role…

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  1. शानदार अंकल जी

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  2. Vaccine lgva li kya apne dusri

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    • Taken first dose , and will take second dose on due date..
      Vaccine is the only way to protect ourselves..
      You please also get vaccinated….


      • Meine phli lgva li hai उत्तर प्रदेश में अच्छा इंतजाम किया हुआ है मुख्यमंत्री योगी जी ने और करीब 20 लोगो को पकड़ के लगवाई भी जान पहचान वालो के

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  3. यूपी के ग्राम में लोगो को साइट इफेक्ट्स का डर सा है और कुछ विशेष प्राणी जो आप समझ ही सकते है जानबूजकर डर फैलाते भी है लेकिन लोग जागरूक हो कर सरकार भी मदद कर रही है सब हिन्दू तो टीका लगवा ही रहे है बाकि अपनी मर्जी है कुछ की आप समझ ही सकते है

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    • मैं आपकी बात समझ सकता है |
      लेकिन कोरोना या कोई भी रोग जाति धर्म नहीं देखता , हमें
      जागरूक होना होगा …

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