One Little Thought …# 2

Adjustment is not important in life,
But, understanding is most important in life…
Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive….


God inside us

There was a learned Mahatma, he used to provide solutions to all problems.

Once a person came to him and said, ‘Maharaj, I have been devoted to God for a long time, yet I do not see God.

Can you make me see him? ‘

In reply to the person , Mahatma said, – ‘What things do you love most in this world?’

The person said, …’Maharaj, I have a family, the most loved in this world and then wealth.’

The Mahatma then asked, ‘Do you have any favorite thing with you even at this time?’

The person said… Yes, I have a gold coin which is my favorite thing.’

The Mahatma said, ” take a sheet of paper and write down ..God in the center.

The person did the same.

Then Mahatma said ..Place your Gold coin on the god written at the center of this…

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