Like What You See

लोग कहते है , पैसा रखो , बुरे वक़्त में काम आएगा ….
हम कहते है , अच्छे लोगों के साथ रहो,
बुरा वक़्त ही नहीं आएगा …..
Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive…..


There is always some chatter going on in our mind. If we pay attention to these thought of our mind, then we find that sometimes very good ideas continue to arise in our mind.

So I have decided to note down that ideas which are often crossing my mind.

Now I have been trying for a few days to write down those thoughts on paper that is going on in my brain.

I have found that such thoughts come to our mind only for a few moments and then disappear.

Yes, I am trying to note down whenever those new ideas come in our mind .

One day when I was taking my granddaughter in the drawing class. I saw her doing beautiful drawing. An idea came to my mind that why should not I too indulge myself in drawing and painting?

But I had no knowledge about painting, though…

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  1. Beautiful illustration. Thank you

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  2. Nice thoughts and good artwork!!!

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  3. वास्तव में जीवन की धारणा बदल गई है सब कुछ तो व्यर्थ लगता है ।

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    • यह ज़रूरी है कि अपने को सकारात्मक रखे,
      ज़िन्दगी के अनुभव से बहुत कुछ सिख सकते है ..
      आप सदा खुश रहें..

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  4. घर जमीन जायदाद रिश्तेदार सब जग झुटा तो है ही ये बात तो सच है एक वो परमात्मा शिव ही सत्य है पर गृहस्थ भी तो नहीं छोड़ सकते है

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