Me and my imagination

Why we need Best friends….
Because…they laugh at the same stupid things…
Because …they give us honest advice…
Because they are there for us even if they are 1000 miles away..
Because…they celebrate with us when we are at our best ..
but still love us at our worst…


To be honest, I was excited and a bit nervous . when my first drawing and painting was about to publish .I mean, I always wanted to post my blog with my drawing and painting as this is my new hobby, but due to my unseen fear I had to wait for some time .

But at last I posted my painting blog and I am calling this post..”Journey Begins”

I think this is the very beginning of something new…

I think great paintings have unique artistic characteristics that can stop a viewer from walking away – qualities that evoke deep emotional responses, touching the viewer’s mind and heart.” – Jian Wu

The way people treat you,Is a statement about who they are as a human being.It is not a statement about you. When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heartache. When…

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  1. Lovely art! A beautiful post!!

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