# Creativity is the way of life #

A man asked am Artist…how do you make such beautiful
things from a stone ?
He replied….Beauty is already hidden there, I just remove
the extra stone…

Hour happiness is hidden within yourself..
Just remove your worries…

Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive…


Art is not what you see,
but what others see in your work..

In the year 2017 VRS scheme was launched and at that time I was facing such problems that I had no option but to take VRS from the Bank..

After retirement from the Bank , three months passed doing my leftover pending work , but after that I was desperately in need of some work to spend my time, so that I could keep my mind stable and keep myself mentally healthy.

Unfortunately I did not get the work of my choice. Hence I decided to revive my old and heart rending hobby and find my own happiness in it…

To my utter surprise I was feeling some of my talent which was hidden to myself, was identified. Yes I started drawing and painting which was new for me but I, in a span of days began…

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