An evening in Bark street


This is a fact that sometimes we experience moments of joy in our life which become memorable.

Yes, I got an opportunity to visit Delhi a month before and acquainted myself with  such a beautiful experience.

I was just wandering with my son to look for unique place to visit there. I was first marked the visit at Museum of Illussion which I have already shared in my previous Blog.

My son again suggested to have visit at Bark street located at Noida sector 110..which was not far away from my place of stay..

Finally, our next visit was Bark street, a First Dog Café !

Work, Play & Dine With Your Doggo In that Colourful Space is the theme of  this restaurant.

Friends, people say that after spending time with our pet dog, the mind gets very relaxed and gives a pleasing feeling. That is why we are friendly with our pet dog in our house  and take special care of them like our children.

The dog has also been considered as member of our family, and very much attach with our emotions..

If we go somewhere to roam, our pet dog accompany  with us, but if we go to a restaurant, then we cannot take our dog along.

keeping these things in mind, perhaps the concept of bark street has been developed.

Yes friends, it is such a restaurant where you can fulfil the desire of your Pet dog to enjoy his favorite food in a specially designed restaurant for dogs.

That is why, it is named as Bark Street.

Bark Street is Noida’s first dog-friendly cafe where they have carefully designed both the human and dog menus and also provide other pet services.

They have their own in-house pets who stay at the cafe in case you don’t have your own pet and would like to drop by just to give out some belly rubs.

I came to know that Co-founders Somya Singhal and Nikhil Singh used to struggle to find spaces where they could socialise with their friends and doggies together and that’s how the plan for Bark Street came into being.

Building on this basic idea, the duo teamed up with two more people (Rahul Narang and Aman Bhardwaj) and soon created a space which is so much more than just a cafe.

It’s an expansive space where you can just chill, relax and even make new friends (not limited to the human species),  They also organize dog-friendly events and offer catering service.

Friends, we sometimes desire to spend quality time with your pets and have a good meal (with drinks, of course.) . I think,  Bark Street, Noida’s first dog-friendly cafe, is doing just that;

At their Bark Fleet Party, there are special menus for doggies and humans (humans get beer and cocktails, too), a ton of games, pet grooming and goodie bags for our pets!

The party’s going to be held in three different time slots to make sure there’s no overcrowding and social distancing can be maintained so you have to book your tickets beforehand.

It’s a good way to get your dog to socialize with other pets while you can stay safely at your own tables. If your dog deserves some special pampering (which they always. do), take them  here and don’t forget to put on an adorable sweater on them so they’re the best dressed doggie at the party.

Now if you don’t have your own pet dog  but still want to enjoy being around the beautiful creatures, you could still come in for enjoying and playing with resident doggies..

Bark Street also serves as a co-working space (they provide you with unlimited high-speed internet) and provides an array of services for your pets. These include doggy daycare, dog grooming at home (you’ll need prior appointment), dog walking, dog training, 24/7 home vet visits and pet therapy.

All these services are conducted by trained experts. Have a doggy problem? In all likeliness, they can solve it or connect you with someone who can.

Friends,  it is  an amazing place to hang out with friends, family  and with your pets too . I really enjoyed and spent quality time along with my family.

The concept of this cafe and ambience is very attractive, staff was humble and trained… Food was yummy. I had a good experience.

I think my Blogs entertain you with valuable information… you are feel free to comments on my blog, It will helpful to improve further.. Thanking you

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  1. It’s rare to find gravelled little pathway inside a cafe! Cute dogs!

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  2. How wonderful this possibility of human and dog being together…. Thanks for sharing… 🙏

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  3. Very informative blog with nice pictures. I am hearing for the first time that such amazing place exists in Noida which is not far from where I live. Will definitely visit this dog friendly cafe after reading your blog.

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  4. Very interesting facts about Bark street. New information and new place for family and their dog to enjoy..

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  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

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