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Hello Friends,

As I am passionate about travelling, I am always looking for ways and opportunities to travel across various places in India and abroad. It has been my dream since childhood, so I had an idea in my mind to create my own library of travel report from all over the places.

Today I am excited to share my experience about the recent visit to Delhi.

Sometimes we feel some extra ordinary moments of joy in our life that are forever occupied in our heart.

Yes, I got an opportunity to visit Delhi a week before.

This trip was very special for me because after a gap of almost a year,(due to pandemic of Corona) I had an opportunity to get out of the house and I planned to visit from Kolkata to Delhi,

In our previous blog I have already shared about the memorable events experienced at the Museum of illusion on day one of this tour package.

On the second day we had planned to start the day with morning walk due weather was pleasant and cool.

 I usually go for morning walks daily as my daily routine and habit.

My son suggested to visit Okhla Birds Sanctuary in the early morning, thinking it will fulfil the requirement of my routine morning walk and can have beautiful experience there to watch the different species of Birds migrated front different countries in this season. .

Really, I was very much excited with this plan as the Okhla bird sanctuary  was not far away from the residence where we were staying.

As planned, we got up early in the morning for the visit. It was 6 o’clock when we went out from the house.  I set out on a motorcycle with my son. My son was riding a bike and I was sitting behind.

It looked really cool with dense fog all around making the driving motorcycle very difficult as visibility is so low.  The road was invisible and sun was totally covered.

We finally reached there after travelling a distance of around 5 kilometers that took 20 mins due to fog all around and less visibilities on roads.

It was very cool at that moment, while checking the temperature, it showed 7 degrees.

It was quite frosty at that time. Despite this, the excitement of seeing the birds did not decrease  and I was excited for the experience of seeing the migratory birds..

I came to know that the Uttar Pradesh Government notified this as Sanctuary in the year 1990. It is now one of the 466 IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in India.

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary (OBS) is roughly 4 square kilometers in size and is situated at the point where river Yamuna enters in the state of Uttar Pradesh leaving the territory of Delhi.

It is one among 15 bird sanctuaries in the state. The most prominent feature of the sanctuary is the large lake created by damming the river, which lies between Okhla village to the west and Gautam Budh Nagar to the east in NCR area

After entering the bird century gate, we have an exciting experience of seeing bird of different species chirping here and there.

There are so many species of swan swimming in this river Yamuna. It is Known as a haven for over 300 bird species, especially waterbirds.

We have got an opportunity to see different types of birds including the bird species of thorny scrub, available here due to grassland and wetland area in this sanctuary. This wetland was formed due to the creation of Okhla Barrage. We also got an opportunity to encounter the Peacocks, Mongoose, and other birds.

That  sanctuary  is really  a worthwhile destination for us.. Some of the notable attractions of this place are:

1. Flora- The sanctuary houses over 188 different species of plants that comprises medicinal herbs, shrubs, herbaceous climbers, trees like Ficus, Babool, Keekar, Sheesham, Shemal, and others. You can find both native and exotic species of plants here. The dense growth of foliage acts as a good refuge for the birds.

2. Fauna- we also came across some animals like Indian mongoose, Nilgai, black-necked hare, and various other reptiles.

3. Birds- The sanctuary is the abode of many exotic birds and we encountered varied species of birds here. Among them are the water birds, woodland species, and the migratory ones.

4. The Lake- One of the pristine locations in the Okhla Bird Sanctuary is the majestic lake that has been built by damming the Yamuna River and lies seated between the Okhla village and Gautam Buddh Nagar.

We spent two hours there but still couldn’t find sun. It was still foggy all-around but we were able to see many species of birds like graylag goose, northern shoveler, gull, heron, cormorant, flycatcher, bee eater, barbet, kingfisher, hornbill, sunbird, magpie robin, and peacock.

we enjoyed birdwatching, captured some nature photography and I also got to spent quality time with my son.

Yes…..We returned with the sweet memories and spending quality time there.

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  1. I’d like to visit Delhi someday. 🙂

    My goddaughter lives in Delhi.

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  2. That is great sir,
    there is a cause to visit Delhi and you must visit.
    Thanks for visit my blog..
    stay connected and stay happy…

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  3. This post is beyond interesting! Written with logical accuracy, inspiring, and beautifully presented. It is a joy to read and ‘see’.
    Thank you.


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  4. That looks like a beautiful ride! Pictures are great!

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  5. Very nice

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  6. Nice experience. Good narration about Okhla bird sanctuary. Details of flora and fauna given .I liked it.

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  7. Your nice and vivid descriptions and the photograhs opened my eyes to the beauty of Okhla Bird sanctuary which I have heard so much but not visited despite living in Delhi for so long. I will definitely visit and explore the sanctuary now


  8. Your nice and vivid descriptions and photograhs opened my eyes to the beauty of Okhla Bird sanctuary which I have heard so much but not visited despite living in Delhi for so long. I will definitely visit and explore the sanctuary now

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes sir,
      That was very beautiful place to enjoy quality time.
      and feel the beauty of nature and see different types of
      birds . Please carry camera to click the memorable events..
      Thank you sir ..


  9. Lovely photos and description. Thank you for sharing!

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    The struggle you are in Today is developing
    the strength you need for tomorrow….
    Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive…


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