I Love my Life …

I Love my life …I Love you…

Tether your soul to me

I will never let you go completely

one day your hand will be

strong enogh to hold me

I might not be there for all your Battles

But you will win them eventually

I pray that I am giving you all that matters

So, one day you will say to me …

I love you my life …Ilove you ..

I am powerful

I am beautiful

I am free

I love you my life… I love you,

I am wonderful

I am magical

I am me

I love my life….. I love you..

I am not my mistakes

And God knows I have made a few

I started to question the Angels

And the answer they gave was you

I cannot promise there won’t be sadness

I wish I could take it from you.

But you will find the courage to face the maddness

And sing it because it is true ..

I love you life…I love you..

I Love you ..

I love you because, you actually put efforts into me…

I love you because, nobody has ever given me the love that you have given me, and

you are the only one that could ever love me this way…

I love you because, you always make me feel that I am worth something.

I love you because, you have a nurturing nature and you take care of me

I love you because, you made me smile when I almost forgotten how to…

I love you because, you have a huge and honest heart..

I love you because you are simply you..

I Love you Life …I love you..

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