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There is a famous quote by Pablo Picasso…

All children are Artists, the problem is how to remain an Artist once they grown up….

During the college days I used to draw pictures of animals and anatomies of other creatures for my project in Botany and Zoology. Now, drawing is not only my passion, but rather a part of my soul that connects me to myself. This is a method of introducing myself to me. I am not a Professional, but I do it for pleasure. I also love to draw faces of some legends.. Here are some of the sketches drawn by me..


Yes, indeed, it is my passion to draw and sketch but during my Banking days , I couldn’t find time for drawing and painting.

But after retirement, I found enough time to enjoy this hobby and started drawing. As the first picture I drew the legend of Indian cinema.

I think we should do everything what makes us happy in life, because there is no certainty of how long we will live…

Learn to love yourself because the world will only love us when we love ourselves.

Do whatever you love, which makes you feel satisfied and gives you the utmost pleasure. Because self satisfaction is more important than to satisfy others…

Girish Karnard ..Legend of Indian cinema..

I have just started my journey as an artist… a journey with no end. I try to keep developing my skills and learn new things every day.

The main motive is to have fun during my journey. I try to improve a little with every stroke. I often try to sketch subjects which I find challenging.

Late V.G. Siddhartha the owner of Cafe Coffee Day was confirmed dead on 31st July, 2019 after his body was found in Netravati River in Dakshina Dist of Karnataka, a day after his missing.

He was the first Entrepreneur in Karnataka to set up Cafe Coffee Day in 1996, a chain of hangout for youth coffee patrons..

Sushma Swaraj was an Indian politician and supreme court lawyer. A senior leader of Bhartiya Janta Party .

She was the second women after Indira Gandhi to hold the office of External Affairs of India.

She served as the 5th Chief Minister of Delhi in the year 1998. She died on 6th August 2019.

She was awarded the Padma Vibhushan , the India’s second highest civilian award posthumously in 2020 in the field of Public affair.

I used to watch the paintings made by friends and relatives which inspired me to explore my talent and experience joy.

Never have I ever joined any formal classes, I just used to sketch for my own pleasure.

Infact, I never even tried sketching in my childhood but it was only after my retirement in the year 2017.. I started practicing to draw and sketch every day which gave me immense pleasure..

During my college days I made some drawing which were appreciated a lot.

But after joining the bank, I got so indulged in the job, even the thought of drawing left my life.

Now, I am back on it. I find painting therapeutic. It is almost like Meditation for me, and the lockdown have given us the luxury of time to focus on our hobbies once again.

I have taken complete advantage of it and aiming to improve in it day by day.

My Best advises for everyone ..

Be original, accept yourself first..

Do what ever you feel passionate about, may it be drawing, dancing or anything else..

Accept only constructive criticism from others..

I had a lot of fun painting these portraits, I found live figure drawing quite challenging.

I am trying to connect with my friends and followers , through my stories and drawing…

During the lock down, I am devoting my time to my passion for painting.

I had never told any one about this hobby before, but since the day I posted one of my sketches online and saw a great response from my friends.

I decided to pursue this passion on a regular basis. However I know that I am still an amateur at it but, I am enjoying my journey with improvements with each passing day…


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  1. Gd morning have a nice day sir ji

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  2. very Good morning dear ..


  3. Sir your paintings are marvelous. Nobody can say that u are a learner. Painting was deep embedded in u .it was lying idle. Now u have given life into it.I saw all of ur painting and surprised how u kept this art alive for for long period.Sir I can say with confidence that u are s born artist.Not only that u are a good writer also sir.Lot of creativity is there in you.Do share everything u like with others.I like ur thoughts also .But I am not fortunate to share something with u .If find time I will talk to u sir.Please keep sending me ur msg.Thanks

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    • thank you dear ..this is exactly what I have been wanting, thank you so much for your words for me ..iit is necessary to keep me going specially during the present lock down period ..stay connected and stay safe…


  4. Vermaji, you seem to have many hidden feathers in your cap. Our profession as I felt merely required simple arithmetical skills besides diplomatic common sense. Rest all if one had , go waste. Nice to find few of you cherish, nourish and hone your old love. Keep it up and by the grace of God remain high spirited as you ever were.

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  5. Good sketches. Verma ji you are a very creative person and it is nice that you are displaying your hidden talents. Keep it up!

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  6. Nice paintaings


  7. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Health doesn’t always come from medicine.
    Most of the time, it comes from peace of mind,
    peace of heart, peace of soul and from laughter & love..


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