# Manage your stress #

There are numerous studies on stress showing how the problem of stress,  anxiety and depression is becoming omnipresent and affecting vast majority of us. A study by Assocham reveals that 42.5 % of workforce from Indian private sector is suffering from stress and depression.

It is important to realize the stress in time so that it is dealt with accordingly. There are so many reasons for growing stress..

  1. Artificial Intelligence (A.I): the nature of works are vast changing now  due to introduction of A.I. and we have to adjust according to their requirement, those who could not adopt change in right spirit is to experiencing stress & anxiety.
  2. Work Pressure: The most common are panic, fear and a general feeling of uneasiness during work pressure. You may experience sleep disorder and extremely difficult to stay calm.
    Your palms and soles feel cold and sweaty and you may get tingling feeling too. Other symptoms include a shortness of breath, palpitations, dryness of mouth, a feeling of nausea and dizziness. Your muscles also tend to become tense.

A new research says that people struggling with anxiety and stress .can recover  by adopting several measures“..

  1. Acknowledge the stress: whether you are enjoying your work or feeling of boredom and anxiety, diagnose the same and take steps accordingly.
  2. Leverage our strength: don’t focus on our weakness but we should have more focus on our strength, and do the work with confidence.
  3. Finding our IKIGAI:  Ikigai is a Japanese terms means doing the work with great enjoyment and fully absorbed in. Sometimes we experience just opposite when caught in the wrong job.
  4. Develop High Emotional Intelligence: The E.I. is all about the understanding of our emotions and emotions of others and handle accordingly. .Experiencing emotional binding and thought is very helpful to avoid stress.
  5. Breathe Consciously:  Deep breathing technique is very helpful as we do time to time during our work and feel fresh and energetic. 
  6. Stay away from stimulants: Not be habitual of tea, coffee, carbonated beverages, cigarette and energy drinks and even chocolates. Choose healthy food options and eat a lot of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  7. Physical activity: Make sure to do morning walk, some exercise and Yoga regularly. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.. All this will stimulate the production of chemicals in the brain that lower stress and improve mood.
  8. Writing Journal: This is a powerful tool to handle stress. Writing a dairy or note or even typing in the mobile or in Laptop about feelings and emotions we felt during the adverse situations.

The findings suggest that full recovery is possible even among those who have suffered for many years with the disorder; there can be a thousand of ways to deals with the stress. But you have to choose those what suits you

.It is important to identify your stress level and take suitable steps to overcome and make yourself physically and mentally fit


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