Fundamental of Life

Life is beautiful and its meaning differ from man to man. I think it depends on state of our mind in the present situation. Sometimes life seems boring and difficult but on some other day same changes and looks beautiful and loving. It is the fact that, who came into this world must pass through cycle of life and death.

We don’t have choice of birth, and not even our colour, cast, religion and place of birth is in our hand, and likewise we don’t have choice of death, when & how it will come. Those who are living will die one day. But in between how we utilize our time is in our hand. that is called LIFE

All this  course of life has been designed  by God for each living being. Such is the mystery of life bestowed upon man by God . We should think that life has been given by God and man inevitably enjoys all that comes from God.

Problem , issue and difficulties  will come in the life of all human being.  But   great people   go through   challenges of life   with cool head.  They  grow through  the difficulties that come in their path. 

There is a true story of Thomas Edition Alva , on Dec 10th 1914  there was a massive explosion  and his  factory  was engulfed  by flames,.  6 to 8 fire extinguisher vehicle   rushed to the scene but could not curb the flames. 

After having tried all that he could.,  Sir  Thomas Edition Alva  calmly stood there watching the fire destroying  his entire life’s hard work.  His  24 yrs.  old  son  Charles came there and stood next to him looking the helplessly .  In child  like voice, Edition said to his son Charlie , you  go and  get  your  mother  and  her  friends here,  they will never be able to see a spectacular fire like this in their entire life.

 Astonished and shocked by  his  father’s response . Charles asked Thomas Edition  our entire factory is being burnt down to ashes what to do dad. Thomas Edition replied with cool head, 

Yes , our factory is being burnt down to ashes , but all the mistakes we have made so far in the factory have also been burnt to ashes.

He further told that he will start all over again tomorrow. Thomas Edition told a New York Time reporter … although I am  67 yrs old , and am completely exhausted from running around and trying to control the  fire,

Tomorrow, I will start all over again afresh. And so he did .The next day was a fresh beginning  for Thomas Edition and  his son ,Charles  in trying to rebuild what had been destroyed by the fire .and this is what  we have an example that great people never give up.

 Our dreams are shattered,  our hopes are broken ,our efforts baffled, but we should  not  cry, we should   try to rebuild our dreams.

Great  people  don’t  give up ,they live up to the challenges  that life throws  at them. Great people, don’t   escape the problem,   they grow through the difficulties that come in their path.

They start all over again with great  hope with great determination,  with great zeal.  And that is why they reach the highest peak of success that most people   aspire for.


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I am Vijay Kumar Verma, residing in Kolkata, the city of joy. I was a Banker since December 1985 and retired in April 2017 from State Bank of India. After serving the Bank for 32 years as an officer holding different assignments from time to time, now I am currently enjoying the retired life. I would like to fulfil the duty of social service through this platform spreading aware about the health related problems and their remedies. I will also try to entertain my followers through knowledgeable information and motivate them to enjoy better and quality lifestyle. It is my endeavour to keep the post friendly and as informative as I can. I am willing to connect with my friends and followers, through my stories and drawings out of my passion to write and make sketches. I would like to create a trusted and joyful friend circle, and share tales from the past

2 thoughts on “Fundamental of Life

  1. Yes, – life is a challenge – for all of us. It is designed by “ups” and “downs” that we have to face. To make the best of it, is the ultimate, we can do.
    Never give up on grey days but face the challenges. There will be better ones <3. – Life is beautiful, indeed!!

    Unfortunately, I can't give any "likes" Vijay. For an unknown reason, they don't accept my e-mail address!


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