# Power of subconscious mind.#

A question always perplexed  in my  mind why one of my close relative  , an aged lady of 50, has the  fear of using lift (elevators) , closed spaces  and getting suffocated  when light gets off suddenly.

  • She always has a torch or matchbox in her purse all the time during night or in the situation of darkness, and never uses elevator in spite of getting assurance of nothing would happen.

 I am of the opinion that this is   a natural   phenomenon and can be cured. One day I read about claustrophobia, which means the abnormal fear of closed spaces like lift (Elevator) and when light get off suddenly.

After an analysis of the case it has been found that an incidence happened with that lady when she was at the age of 4 . She went into a lift by herself, and after crossing the 1st floor ,suddenly power went off and she was forced to remain in that lift for one and half hours till  light came,.

Now this experience made a dent in  her conscious mind and the  due to this she is aware of this all the time.

But slowly the memory of this incident in the conscious mind faded away after some time, but experience remained in her subconscious mind and that is why the moment she perceives the threat of the close space or elevator, her heartbeat increases instantly.

But she couldn’t understand the fact about her subconscious mind. I came to know that vast majority of our emotions and behavior has their roots in the subconscious portion of our mind.  What is this subconscious mind ?

  We are all aware of the fact that we have two parts in our  mind , conscious and subconscious mind.  The ideas, aspirations, aversions are perceived by us through this conscious mind.,

However , there is another aspect, which we are not even aware that our subconscious mind is like a huge hard drive which contains images, memories, and experience from  past lifetimes. . And they impact our personality in a tremendous way..

If  we  keep  on telling ourselves  … I am useless, I can never succeed, I cannot do this, there is no way I can do this,.

That kind of negative self-talk programs the subconscious mind, which then becomes convinced   that I can never win and every time a challenge arise the subconscious mind tells the conscious mind that  you cannot do it. This situation will  create a negative mentality.. 

Now, let us try to understand how this conscious and subconscious mind communicate with each other,  compare them to workers on a ship who are in the engine room, they have no  access to see outside.

The captain of the ship is on the deck and he gives  orders to the mariners in the engine room,  and mariners just obediently follow orders .

The very fact is that the captain is our conscious mind and the mariners in the engine room is our subconscious mind .

With our conscious mind we speak to ourselves, we experience perceptions and these go deep within us.

So through self-talk we programmed our inner being.

The people   talk to themselves all the time and mental chatter goes on ..  I am happy  or I am sad . if we want  subconscious  mind  to work to our advantage we will have to be careful about the messages  or positive thought  we convey to  our conscious mind through self-talk,,

Hence the transformation of our inner subconscious mind  requires the proper control of our conscious mind. If we can utilize the power of this tool, we will find that we can very easily  make  ourselves to be positive, optimistic hopeful cheerful and joyous.

These wonderful qualities  will be well within our reach. Fill the conscious mind with positivity always. Have a great day..


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