# My journey of Passion#

This poem speaks about my journey of passion and how my art is a reflection of my soul. I try to express that despite facing highs and lows in life, our passion for art remains constant.

I express my art as a place where I feel complete and whole, highlighting the depth of my connection with my craft.

The poem celebrates the power of art to express one’s innermost emotions and thoughts, and how it can serve as a source of comfort and solace in difficult times.

My journey of Passion

My journey of passion, it’s an art

Through highs and lows, I depart,

My art is a reflection of my soul,

A place where I feel myself whole.

Sometimes, Insecurities crept in,

Doubts and fears under my skin,

But my love for art never faltered,

 I persisted; my passion unaltered.

I remember that fateful unforgettable day,

 When my mother’s comment led me astray,

About my drawing, I felt like I was drowning,

My passion shattered, my dreams floundering.

But I refused to let it be the end,

I searched within, my heart to mend,

I found solace in my sketches,

 A world where I could be free, no vexes.

My art became my therapy,

A place where I could truly be,

I poured my emotions into every piece,

 Creating a connection, a sense of peace.

And as I continued on my Art journey,

I learned that perfection wasn’t necessary,

It’s the emotions that art evokes,

The feelings it stirs, the connection it invokes.

So I hold my pen in hand once again,

Sketching and drawing, my passion sustained,

My journey continues, I’m still learning,

But my love for art forever burning.

(Vijay Verma)


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  1. Un cordial saludo 🫂🙏

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  2. You’re a wonderful artist of words and drawings. Very gifted, my friend. 🙏

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