#Seeds of suicide#

This poem acknowledges the struggles and darkness that can consume one’s mind when dealing with suicidal thoughts. However, it also offers hope and encourages seeking support and help from others.

The poem emphasizes the importance of acknowledging pain, finding inner strength, and recognizing that one is not alone. Ultimately, the poem delivers a message of resilience and hope for a brighter future.

Seeds of suicide

Seeds of suicide planted deep within,

Growing ever stronger, an unyielding sin.

Thoughts of darkness, consume the mind,

A constant battle, that is hard to unwind.

The weight of the world, a burden to bear,

With no end in sight, and no one to care.

 Each day a struggle, a fight to survive,

Feeling alone, with no hope to revive.

The seeds of suicide, take root and grow,

 A never-ending cycle, of despair and woe.

The mind becomes clouded, by thoughts so dark,

And the heart grows heavy, like a sinking ark.

The pain becomes too much, to bear alone,

And the seeds of suicide, have now fully grown.

A cry for help, goes unheard and unseen,

Lost in the darkness, of a mind so unclean.

The future looks bleak, with no light in sight,

And the will to live fades into the night.

The pain inside grows ever more,

A never-ending ache, that can’t be ignored.

But friends,

there is always hope, who want to survive.

With the right help and support, we can thrive,

The seeds can be uprooted, life can be restored.

The journey is long, and the road is hard,

But with the right guidance, we can go far.

Take time to breathe, and feel the fresh air

Let go of worry, and embrace what’s there.

For the journey of life, is meant to be savored,

So, take it slow, and let yourself be favored.

Embrace the moments, both big and small,

And make up the journey, that’s worth it all.

(Vijay Verma)

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22 replies

  1. From negativity to positivity you have amazingly penned a beautiful realistic poem. Kudos to you 👏👏👏👏💐

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  2. sir I liked the twist , from depressed touch in the beginning to spreading rays of hopes Your poem is so strong

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  3. I too want to end it. I don’t know why I’m alive anymore. What’s the point? I am a joke. I am alone. I am a failure with no one to care. Not even God cares. It is really over for me.

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