# Blogging is my passion #

I started this blog a year ago, I made a target to publish one Blog a day and set a goal of 365 blogs in the year 2020. However I was short of my target with only 5  Blogs.

Yes, I have posted 360 Blog in the last year.

I have shared my memories of so many incidence under category..”Sansmaran”.. and enjoyed a lot. This category is my favourite and hopefully to continue ahead .

The last year has left a certain impression in my mind and I certainly feel my life transformed.

Now I am thinking that how different will be the current year be? Now, after a month I feel even more motivated than the previous year.. I am also improving day by day..

I think most of us are more optimistic this year leaving behind the bad experiences of past year due to pandemic. And now, hoping for the better time to come. .

I am also nurturing my arts and drawing along with blogging. I am now investing my time in reading and writing in fiction or non fiction. Story writing and Blogging had become my new passion.

I am currently publishing stories and poems also.. , which I hope to be transform into eBook in the coming days…

Facing a situation like 2020 may not be there in current year and hopeful for better days ahead. . My Patience and optimistic approach are my keys to survival in those days of fear and loneliness ..

I am now exited with the new goals set for this new year and hopeful to achieve the same with sharing joys and happiness with you. .Am I correct friends…?

However, I found the idea of  Blogging is like Ram-Baan medicine during this pandemic. And with time, I am enjoying to write Blog even more… because blogging is my passion…

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  1. Congratulations to achieve your goals and objectives, keep it up. Your thoughts and drawings are marvelous, I like it. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. Good morning,
    I am happy because we can meet here in and with our blogs.
    Yes, I know that one would often want more comments, but I think it is valuable and a sign of appreciation when people read and like.
    All the best to you and blessings.

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  3. Congratulations on getting to write blog post 360.

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  4. Gd morning have a nice day sir ji

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  5. Congratulations. The river of creativity always flow and flourish within you.

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  6. hello, how are you? i wish you great success in blogging. hace a nice day!

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  7. Congratulations on writing that many blog posts! I could only dream of being that productive. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year 💪

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  8. Keep blogging and more power to you! Your articles/stories are informative and interesting to read.

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  9. Congratulations. Keep the activity live.

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  10. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    LIFE is very complicated…
    don’t try to find answers..
    Because… when you find answers…
    Life changes the questions…
    Be happy….Be healthy…Be alive…

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    • The perversion of the Torah to statute law codifications made famous by Reshonim scholars during the Middle Ages has profoundly changed the purpose and k’vanna of the whole of the Torah — far worse than the criminal post Ghetto travesty of law, made by the Reform rabbis during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

      Common Law does not exist as legal codifications of positive & negative commandments. Common Law does not exist as Halachic codifications as exemplified in the Rambam’s statutory law books commonly known as the יד החזקה. The son of Asher rejected the kabbalah of Common Law taught by his father the Rosh. Karo sniffed the butt of Baal Ha’Turim and produced his Shulchan Aruch abomination.

      Why “abomination”? This perversion of Yiddishkeit, it compares in magnitude to the damage caused by the Jesus false messiah movement, commonly known today as Xtianity. The Gemarah does not contain majority and minority opinions. This false presentation of Jewish Common Law, perverted by the conversion of Yiddishkeit by assimilated rabbis into Statute Law, it fails to acknowledge and validate the codification of valid source precedents! Source precedents requires further research as to other source precedents. The scholarship of the Gemarah, it makes a study which searches for source precedents based upon the majority and minority opinions codified within the pages of the Mishna.

      Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz gives an interview, the subject – the Talmud. The man bumbles and stumbles, he has absolutely no clarity what so ever. The Mishna functions through a Common Law format. The Gemarah learns by means of precedents. All common law legal formats equally employ as a basic requirement, they demand valid precedents.

      The Mishna employs a Case/Rule style format. The Gemarah continually contrasts and compares the decisions applicable to the conclusion of a Case\Rule Mishna,,, compared to the decision made upon the opening Case, of this exact same Mishna; what distinguishes the rulings on this & that Case study? Steinsaltz jabbers over and again about “Jewish Oral Law”, yet never once does he address Oral Law as logic, a huge fundamental error … a gigantic hole in his Titanic of learning Sha’s. This pathetic rabbi fails to address the distinction between Torts and Capital Crimes Common Law Courtrooms. He fails to address the Gemarah style of ‘Difficulty\Answer’ as Prosecutor/Defense justices within a common law court room.

      He fails to address the most essential Warp + Weft relationship within the Gemarah touching Halachah + Aggaditah. The Talmud + T’NaCH weaves a fabric of Jewish faith. Steinsaltz fails to point out that the תרי”ג commandments of Torat Moshe exists as a Common Law format. In equal fashion he fails to address the NaCH Books of the Prophets,,, too organized as a Common Law codification, based upon the Written Torah precedent!

      Steinsaltz fails to teach that the prophets commanded mussar. This prophetic mussar defines the יסוד of the 5th Book of דברים otherwise known as the משנה תורה. He perverts the sealing of the Primary texts of the Jewish faith by the false-metaphor of “freezing the water”. What complete and utter narishkeit.

      The sealing of the Primary Masoret traditions, this decision taken by the Sages of Israel, throughout our history as a people on this Earth, centers upon maintaining an inheritance, so to speak, a DNA code, which unites all Jews, irregardless of their original national “Race”, as sharing an identical tradition upon which all generations of Jews build their faith, commonly known by the collective term — Judaism.

      If you freeze the heart of a person, that person dies. Steinsaltz “freezing the water” complete and utter narishkeit merits nothing short of absolute and total contempt. His translation of the Talmud into simple Hebrew compares with the colossal numb-skull gross criminal error made by both the Rambam and that brain-dead silly copycat Jacov ben Asher, author of the Tur statute Halakhah codification. The perversion of Talmudic common law to statute law, made early in the Middle Ages, this accursed perversion of the k’vanna of both T’NaCH and Talmud merits nothing short of the ejection of rabbinic authorities, from their glorified perch, as the teachers of Jewish cultural inheritance and Traditions – authorities upon Jewish Law.

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