The Journey begins….

Hello my friends, hope you all are doing well.

This was my very first blog on drawing  & painting .

To be honest, I was excited and nervous . I mean, I always wanted to post my blog on this new hobby, but due to my unseen fear I had to wait for some time . .

I  just didn’t know that the opportunity would present itself. But here it is. I am calling this first blog post “Journey begins ” . I think this is the very beginning of something new.

Technology today has given us the freedom to type our views and thoughts and post them on the web. At the same time I think it is a very big responsibility because this is some sort of a message conveyed to our society and also shows our thought and power of expression,

I am passionate about writing Blogs as well as Painting now a days.

I think my hidden potential is discovered now..Yes it is in my genes. I have started blogging as I wanted to step forward to explore myself. It is my utter surprise to see that the present blog is my 225th in number and that too in just six month time .

In my opinion , the corona pandemic has acted as a catalyst in this journey..

Yes I am changing,

Why wait to become an old man to enjoy life? What did I achieved in the whole life by working like a donkey? We sometimes think .. I have now decided that I will make a painting every day and make a friend instead, and I want to feel the change in my life..

My website:

This is the fact that I cannot stick to one topic and so my blog has different categories for our reader you can visit my website and enjoy reading of your choice . we have stories, poems .motivational and health related topics.

Becoming an Artist is a commitment to a long journey …A journey to becoming an Artist…

We are human , we are not perfect, we are alive, we try things. we make mistakes , we stumble, we fall. we get hurt, we rise again, we keep learning , we keep growing , And we are thankful for this priceless opportunity called LIFE….

Every picture has a story..

I have read somewhere that .. Painting is the most beautiful of all arts. In it, all sensations are condensed, contemplating it, everyone can create a story at the will of his imagination and..with a single glance…have his soul invaded by the most profound collections, no efforts of memory, everything is summed up in one instant . a complete art which sums up all the others and competes them. I am feeling now.

painting is a time consuming hobby but I am loving it, , enjoying it and i find it as therapeutic

I know that I am not good at it but I am enjoying it.. the lock down gave people the luxury of time to focus on the hobby . I have taken complete advantage of it and became better day to day..

  painting with the Pandemic.

As the pandemic continues to mercilessly strengthened its grip over people across the country..It has now reflecting in my day to day work doing, learning drawing and sketches…

I have a colour pencil ,brush and paper in my hand in the current situation to cope with the physical and mental disorder. I just wanted to play and enjoy my painting with a touch of humour and experimentation.

 Like music, it acts on the soul through the intermediatery of the senses, harmonious colours correspond to the harmonies of sound. But in painting a unity is obtained which is not possible in music, where the accords follow one another, so that the judgment experiences a continuous fatigue if it wants to reunite the end of the begning. The ear is actually a sense inferior to the eye. The hearing can only grasp a single sound at a time, whereas the sight takes in everything and simultaneously simplified it at will.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts in my blogs. I would also like to thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me through your comments, likes and share…

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Journey of an artist


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  1. Paintings are absolutely marvelous.

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  2. The progress you have made is clear. Thank you for sharing your efforts. They are an encouragement to others.

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  3. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned or consumed…
    Happiness is the spiritual experience of living
    every minute with love, grace and Gratitude..
    Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive…


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