Me and My Blog #

I write about my Art, the thoughts that I cannot describe in words..

“Drawing is the basis of art. A bad painter cannot draw but one who draws well can always paint” A. Gorky

As I have read somewhere that drawing is a skill, not an inborn talent, so with the right kind of tutorials and enough practice we can learn how to draw proficiently. whatever age or current level of skill one has. .

It is never too late to learn to draw and paint .

These words really motivated me and I started drawing and painting .

In a few days it became my passion, even though I am not very good at drawing, still you guys give me a lot of affection and love and appreciate my efforts . I am grateful to you ..

I hope my content on the Blog make it worth your time. I am still in learning process and getting new experiences day by day .

It helps me to connect and exchange thoughts & feedback from other wonderful Bloggers, that keeps me motivating and get to learn so much ..

The Blog has become one of my favorite part of my life and thank you all for that…I would be happy to know more about you all …

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Frenzied Passion

Me and my painting

Graphite pencil sketching has always been my favorite medium for art. It was my first love when I started learning basic drawing technique. Since I am self-taught,

it was the easiest tool to control and manage. It is also the most portable and clean tool so far as my drawing and sketches are concerned.

I find it very convenient for its portability. I have acquired different types of graphite pencil for my work.

 I started learning about blending pencil technique and received help from one of my friend who also happens to be drawing teacher. I use to visit his place to learn the blending technique but due to corona pandemics this opportunity has not lasted long and again I am in a position to self learn the art confined at home due to pandemic.

Now I am using colour pencil and pastels colour in my drawing too and started publishing my art work through my blog.. under the category.. Me and my art.

This has brought tremendous change in my life  and also impacted  my personality in a big way.

During my drawing practice I have learnt that I cannot create quality artwork with inadequate drawing material.  It  requires the right kind of tools to create the beautiful look.

I ordered online the required drawing materials. Now I am practicing different types of techniques and my work is going on.

Now, I have decided to make one drawing daily and publish them through my Blog

I hope you will agree with my feeling and I will be happy if you convey your feelings through comments or suggestions..

I love you…

I love you because you actually put efforts into me.

I love you because nobody has ever given me the love that you have given me and you are the only one that could ever love me this way…

I love you because you always make me feel that I am worth something..

I love you because you have a nurturing nature and you take care of me..

I love you because you made me smile when I almost forgotten how to.

I love you because you have huge and honest heart.

I love you and everything little detail about you.

I love you because you are simply you..

Promise to yourself

Tomorrow is not promised, not a single second or minutes, so live for today. Keep the promises you make. Take action on the things you desire and need.

Remind those that matters to you that they are loved and you are grateful for them.

Never leave someone you care about on negative terms.

Give more that you take.

Make the call you have been telling yourself you will do tomorrow,.

Let the small shit go. Never go to bed angry. We will all die one day, so learn to live each day with promise to yourself that it will be better than yesterday..

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Creativity is the way of life


Art is not what you see,

but what others see in your work..

In the year 2017 VRS scheme was launched and at that time I was facing such problems that I had no option but to take VRS from the Bank..

After retirement from the Bank , three months passed doing my leftover pending work , but after that I was desperately in need of some work to spend my time, so that I could keep my mind  stable and keep myself mentally healthy.

Unfortunately I did not get the work of my choice. Hence I decided to revive my old and heart rending hobby and find my own happiness in it…

To my utter surprise I was feeling some of my talent which was hidden to myself, was identified. Yes I started drawing and painting which was new for me but I, in a span of days began to enjoy it ..

Along with this I started writing poems and short stories. Initially, I found it a bit difficult but soon I learned this Art .

And doing all these, my time was being utilize as I wished..

One day, a friend suggested that I should start Blogging as I had ample time and I can  enjoy it..

It was new for me as I did not know anything about the blogging at that time .

Then the question arose in my mind at that moment, “Should I start a blog?”

After enquiring about blogging …I came to know that Blogging is relevant more than ever, and it’s not too late to start a blog.

I have learned that 77% of all internet users read blogs regularly, and they are considered a trustworthy source of information online.

Also, the blogging community is still growing, in this way I also found it a good platform to connect with the social people as well as share my thought and experience of my life..

Perhaps I was at the right place. At the beginning of this year, finally started to write blog and also set a goal to write 365 blogs in this year under different categories such as stories, Poem , motivation , my Art and health.

 But at the same time I was thinking of how blogging can keep me happy and help to achieve my other goal in my life.

It is the fact that I can invest a significant amount of time into this new venture.  The question arose in my mind again …can I establish and find my place here?

I was finding many reasons why this creative medium could be right for me and the reasons that I find right now are …  

1. Express our feelings

Blogging allowed me to share my ideas, experiences, and expertise with the world, and the beauty is that I can tell my story, my experience in life just the way I want it to be told.

It seems to be the perfect outlet for self-expression without limits for our creativity. Because our blog is entirely  our own,

I can communicate what I have to say in any form – not only writing.

Drawing, Poems , Photography, Videos, and even a podcast can be part of my  blog, too. 

2. Work on self-development

Starting and growing a blog is a great challenge that will likely stretch  our abilities and help us  grow as a person.

We can  pick up some valuable web and marketing skills in addition to building the discipline to keep our blog going. Besides, we can also develop our expertise in the field we are writing about.

Every time we work on a new post, we are forced to organize our thoughts and fill any gaps in our knowledge. Writing not only helps to internalize what we have learned but also to refine our own ideas and opinions. 

3. Make the world a better place 

The most meaningful reason to blog is probably the ability to help others and have a positive impact on the world.

By generously sharing our expertise and experiences, it can make a difference to the people who are looking for the answers that we already have.

The blog has the power to inspire, educate, and even change someone’s life. Showing others that there’s someone who is on the same journey as they are and, can provide a much-needed sense of belonging.

There’s an audience out there that will respond to the particular way you shed light on a certain topic or issue. 

4. Build authority 

A blog is a great platform to gain exposure in the industry by showcasing our knowledge and expertise. Think about it as a modern version of the printed business card. Regularly publishing relevant, informative content will eventually draw the attention of people in our profession and can earn  the status of an expert and thought-leader.

5. Make new friends 

Blogging is much more than a solitary pursuit. It is a way to connect with like-minded people from all over the world who are passionate about the same topic.

We can build relationships with other bloggers in our  field, have riveting discussions with readers in the blog comments, .

The blog might open the door for new friendships, collaborations, and other opportunities. It’s a reassuring feeling to be part of this dynamic and supportive community. Often, we see people find a real sense of belonging here.  

6. Earn an income 

Besides enjoying our hobby  it is helpful becoming a self-employed blogger.

It may be the number one reason for many to follow this road.

 It is known that some bloggers have grown significant income streams from their blog.

While blogging might only replace a full-time salary for some people, it can be an additional source of income for many. 

We can monetize our blog; There are so many ways to make a profit:

With the great enthusiasm I have started Blogging. I believe that it is much more than a rewarding hobby, which brings new opportunities and even unexpected benefits.

By starting a blog this year, I realised my vision of helping the people through my Blog. Together, we can make a difference.

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# Art is Free #

There is no must in Art because art is free…

Sometimes back when I retired from a bank job, suddenly I started feeling emptiness, even finding it difficult to spend time.  

I was always a busy man but all of sudden felt me jobless man.   It felt as if life had stopped.    I therefore began to think of different ways to get back the life on the track.

So many ideas started coming in my mind, why not think that unfulfilled hobby should be brought back to life.  

It is almost year ago I started learning  of drawing and painting and incidentally I got one tutor for the purpose while I use to visit at the tutorial class of drawing and painting  for my granddaughter .

I also joined the class of drawing and painting to pass the time there, One day while writing my blog, I use some sketch in the Blog and was published.

After reading my blog, one of my friend’s messages came …  Verma ji, how long has the ghost of this drawing gone. You have never had this hobby before?

Looking at their message, my face smiled.   I suddenly remembered that incident.  In those days when I was posted at Kolkata, I use to walk from office to metro station to come back home from the bank,

 One day in the evening I was walking from office to metro, I saw a great artist on the way.  He had both his legs and one arm cut and possesses only his right hand. But he used to make a sketch on the street everyday with colored chalk with the help of only hand.

Sometimes a beautiful drawing of Lord Shiva and sometimes Mother Durga was made. I would go through those roads every day and see him drawing sketches in the evening and would be happy to give some money for his talent..

I used to look at him and think how happy he is to create such an artwork in the life of such a lacking. He made it the basis of his livelihood.

I was very impressed by his passion and I also had a desire for drawing from that day. Now when I have retired, I am able to get enough time to fulfill that suppressed desire.

That is why I am also started drawing and painting.

I replied to my friend accordingly to make the aware of the fact .and sent some artwork and sketch too … You can also see my sketches here and please do not forget to give your comments…

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