# Bread Labour #

There is a great importance of Physical, Spiritual and Moral upliftment in our life.

Now a days, doctors also prescribe for physical activity to boost our immunity that will be helpful to fight for any type of diseases including Corona . This is true  that in the digital world we are becoming more lethargic now a days and physical activity gone at the minimal level…

There are some vows prescribed by mahatma Gandhi that is the need of the days.

We do labour for the sake of livelihood. I will discuss here two tyle of labour we are doing to live.

Bread labour—

The Law of Bread Labour was propounded by T.M. Bondaref and popularized by Ruskin and Tolstoy. This law emphasises that man must earn his bread by his own labour.

According to Gandhiji — The law of bread labour is not related to agriculture alone. But as every-body was not a cultivator, he could earn his bread by doing some other work. If all people laboured for their bread, there would be enough food and clothing for all.

They would be healthier and happier, and there would be no problem of food shortage, no disease and no misery. He strongly believed that without physical labour no one was entitled to get his food. He advised the rich also to do bodily labour for the bread.

It means that every man has to labour with his body for his food and clothing. If one can convinced oneself about the value and necessity of bread labour, there won’t be any want of bread and cloth.

Yes, we are doing whatever labour for earning of our bread and butter is called Bread labour.

Gandhi ji included spinning or weaving or taking up carpentry or smithery as a part of bread labour. We can extend the coronation of bread labour to include simple everyday activity like cutting of vegetables, kneading of flour for making chapatis, cooking, cleaning and mopping floors, washing dishes, washing clothes or any other house hold work involving physical work. Gandhi ji said that just as we put our heart and soul into doing any work, we must take delight un pursuing bread labour strenuously.

Gandhi ji had a opinion that god has created man to work for his food and those who ate without physical work were thieves.

As doctors also advise the rich as well as poor to do physical work and breathing exercise daily in one form or other to keep fit. If everyone takes to bread labour the world would become a much happier place.

And other form of labour is intellectual labour .

All those forms of labour in which the work is by the brain rather than by the hand. this is infinitely superior to bodily labour but can never be a substitute for it.

Bread labour complements intellectual labour, rather it improves the quality of intellectual output.

It is easy for intellectual worker who is working on the table to engage himself in physical work, while it is almost impossible for the physical laborer to sit at the table and write (Intellectual labour)..

I think everyone should do physical labour for keep them  fit.

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