# Make a Little Change #

We are the divine soul and we are an eternal part of God.

As a child of God, we all have infinity potential. Hence if we think that we cannot succeed in life, is a disrespect to the grace of God.

Now, how to manifest that potential which God has bestowed within all of us ?

That is the topic of discussion.

We should know the law of incremental growth, that is how we can achieve success and accomplishment.

In the present world, all in this publicity blitzkrieg you see all around promises for instant success. because that is how today’s marketing is effective.

We find advertisement like this…..

— You spend two hours a day on the internet and earn 100-200,000 dollars. Take this one cream and wipe 20 yrs away from your face.

— Go on this crazy diet and lose 35 pounds.

All these are promising you instant success. Unfortunately, this is not the reality that how life works.

Those who wait for the jackpot to open are actually crackpots.

The wise people are those who moves towards success one step at a time.

Like the Chinese wise man Lao Tzu said — even the journey of thousand miles will begin with single steps.

The law of incremental growth states that … one step at a time and you move towards the ultimate goal.

How does it happen ? We have a beautiful story that consider this example..

There are three friends, Ram Singh, Shyam Singh and Sunil Singh. They are childhood friends.

Now they are all in their early thirties. They are recently married.

Little bit plump but nothing out of shape. And they all have got nice steady jobs in different reputed company with handsome salary ..

Now they have just started their professional life .

Life was going on all right for three of them i.e Ram Singh and Sunil Singh and Shyam Singh..

Now they make little correction in their life. Ram Singh started visiting Swamiji Ashram for life transformation program where he learned the art of mind management and receive some inspiration. And also, some knowledge about good health.

That is why he became believer that health is wealth.

He decided that he will reduce their intake of calories by 125 every day. That is not a big deal as he thought.

And also, he spends half an hour listening to Swamiji on youtube about the art of mind management and getting inspired.

As a result, his mentality and his perspective has changed.

On the other hand, Shyam Singh did a reverse correction.

He learnt how to cook tasty cakes and pastries and his friends and relatives loved it.

So, once in a week he calls them for a party. Since he is into cooking and eating, so he has increased his intake calories by 125 every day. But he thought it is not a big issue.

But in his extra spare time, while Ram Singh is watching art of mind management, Shyam Singh is watching thriller movie on TV. They thought Half an hour is waste of time, but still considered for their entertainment.

Sunil Singh did not change anything and he is remaining as he is.

 After six months they organize a friendship meet. what we have observed that all three Ram Singh, Shyam Singh and Sunil Singh are practically the same.

what they had made a little correction is not visible anywhere.

There is no difference. But they keep on adding up day after day, month after month, year after year.

After  2 Years, the difference is visible,  Ram Singh’s eyes are brighter. His health seems to be in better shape. He seems to be becoming little slim and trim,

and Sunil Singh is remaining like the same, no change.

But Shyam Singh seems to be getting a little out of shape. The effulgence on his face is disappearing etc.

After 3 years the difference is more visible. Ram Singh has lost 20 pounds and he is fit .

Sunil Singh he is the way he was. not so much change.

But Shyam Singh has gained 20 pounds in his weight, and the matter does not stop out here. There is a ripple effect from that, because he has gained 20 pounds, now he needs more sleep.

So, in the morning when he has to wake up and go to office, he becomes groggy.

That causes his performance in this cutting edge world to reduce.

The consequences is that – his boss is annoyed with him and warned him up and said — Look Mr. your performance is not up to mark. Your job is in danger.

Due to that incidence Shyam Singh is in stress. when he comes back home from office he remains in stress, He use to   entertain himself through the thrillers on TV to counter his stress. This is his routine now.

He never hears the art of mind management so he does not have the tools for how to manage his mind.

 The consequence is that the only way he adopted to take out his stress is to spend more time on TV to see thriller movie. He has now become TV addict.

 But those thrillers don’t solve his problem in any case.

This is also bearing upon his marital relationship. Because his wife understands he is no longer the same person.  She feels that the distance is getting created. She is also responding by more cold behaviour.

Earlier they use to take a walk around, after lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a mile, they had some quality time ..that has also disappeared. So, the relationship has got strained.

And naturally because of the increased weight the health has reduced. Now imagine on day one when he made a little change would you ever have thought that situation would reach this point one day ?

And on the other hand, take a look at Ram Singh the little correction he made. He is now in good health. He has his mind in a perfect state, so he is very amenable. People realize that positive energy and they connect with him easily, because he is so inspired, he performs better at work and his boss realizes that he is going places.

 There was an opening in the company Ram Singh was offered the job and he is now risen ahead.

and he is well respected everywhere in society and doing well with his family.

All is going well .

And on the other hand, you take a look at Sunil Singh, he is made no changes and he is remaining the same. Sometimes he gets bored day in and day out the same thing.

In this way, little, little steps that we take they add up to a huge difference in the long run.

Invariably people overestimate the change they can do in one day. ..they think in one day they will go from sinner to saint. And when it does not happen, they become disappointed.

At the same time, they are underestimating what a little change when repeated over time can make a difference to your life.


The little little decisions when we repeatedly made, make a big difference. Please do not wait for any jackpots. Do the best you can today. If you can change yourself 1% today, go ahead and do it.

Life is beautiful, …..feel it … Live it …. Enjoy it..

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  1. The middle path chosen by Sunil Singh seems to be better than that of Shyam Singh. Neither loss nor gain.

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  2. Health is wealth. Good health is our friend.Effort is observed in story nicely towards health awareness.
    Story is combination of many things ie friendship and health awareness.

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  3. Thanks dear for such a motivational story. Ram Singh has utilised his time in much better way and improved his life, which is praise worthy. Every one should take lesson from RamSingh.

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  4. आध्यशक्ती आराधना के पर्व, नवरात्र की आप ओर आपके परिवार को बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं 🙏🙏

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    • आपको और आपके परिवार को नवरात्रि पर्व की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं |
      आप स्वस्थ रहें ..खुश रहें |

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  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    People change houses, Relationships & Friends.
    Still, they are Unhappy berceuse they don’t change Themselves…

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