Are you suffering from Overthinking ?

These days, we are so worried in our day-to-day life that our mind is always entangled in something or the other.

There are always some thoughts coming in the mind constantly, whether you are alone or with people. Even while driving, the mind keeps thinking about something.

So, we can say that the continuous flow of unwanted thoughts in my mind is called overthinking.

Overthinking is simply the act of “thinking about something too much or for too long.”, and it’s energy-draining.

In fact, studies have shown that overthinking elevates our stress levels, reduces our creativity, clouds our judgment and strips us of our power to make decisions.

Overthinking is linked to psychological problems, like depression and anxiety.

Yes, Overthinking is exhausting.

Most of us are falling prey to this problem and due to this, they are suffering from various mental and physical ailments.

Due to this overthinking, people are getting diseases related to stress, tension, anxiety. Not only this, sometimes they also become victims of fatal diseases like insomnia and Parkinson’s.

We find that Happiness is disappearing from people’s life, and rather said that overthinking is a life destroyer, because it is destroying our life.

In general, there are three types of overthinking…

Constructive overthinking: Destructive overthinking and vague overthinking.

Constructive overthinking:

This is overthinking done intentionally. Just like we keep looking for the solution of a complex problem in our mind. Our mind is always engaged to find solution of those problems. it gives rise to positive and constructive thought  ..

Destructive overthinking:

This type of overthinking is just opposite to constructive overthinking but it is also deliberate and intentional.  Due to this we are always surrounded by negative thoughts. It gives rise to anger, anxiety and depression affecting our health.  Life seems monotonous and sometimes tendency of a victim is suicidal. this is the most dangerous stage of our life.

vague overthinking :

This is neither negative nor positive thinking, but unintentional overthinking. Thoughts of somewhere keep connecting with anywhere without any reason, which is called thought without head and feet, that is walking in our mind.

 If there is no harmony between mind and meditate, then where will happiness come from .  We are not able to succeed in any work because such baseless thoughts keep running continuously in our mind and we are not able to feel the present moments, because either the thoughts related to the past or the hypothetical thoughts keep going on inside us.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to handle overthinking.   But you have to practice continuously for a few days.

Take a deep breath:

Practice of Deep Breathing should be done whenever you get time in the day. Make a habit of doing Deep Breathing.

  • walk in nature (or a nearby park).
  • Exercise. It is scientifically proven to be an instant mood booster and stress-reducer. Sweating out your thoughts helps you think clearly.
  • Unplugging from all digital devices for a few hours.

Live in the present:

Always enjoy the present moment.  Whenever the opposite thoughts come in mind, then we should start looking from where these thoughts are coming, we should immediately find its root.

 If you practice like this then it will stop coming useless Thoughts.

Brain detox:

Many useless things keep rotting in our brain by accumulating like garbage.

Those waste accumulated garbage will have to be emptied from the mind and focus only on the present moment.

 The best way is to keep a personal diary and write down such accumulated  thoughts and transfer them from the mind.

You will feel a great relief psychologically by doing this practice..

Search for happiness:

We should always try to be in the present moment, and feel whatever small happy moments are, and  enjoy it.

 Spend more time, doing  work of your passion , Just  immerse yourself in doing that work.

And the third thing is to adopt the law of gratitude ,  always give thanks to God who has given us a good life.

Time for positive thinking,:

Take out some such moments in the day, when sitting calmly at that time. Observe the whole day to see how well our day has passed. How to plan to have a good day tomorrow. We should follow a routin.

Silence and solitude are most often the keys. 

Change The Story You Tell Yourself:

Thoughts like “I’m an over-thinker” or “I always worry because I have so much on my mind” or “I’m not really good with making decisions .

You have to identify those limiting beliefs and make it a conscious effort to stop yourself whenever you catch yourself voicing them. Immediately replace those negative narratives with positive, empowering thoughts: “I am in charge of my emotions”, “I think clearly” and, “I’m a decision-maker.”

This is how you change your self-perception and begin to win back your power.

Let Go of The Past:

Overthinkers often ruminate about the past. 

When they do so, they’re exerting energy on the “what if” and “I wish” and “I should have”… But that energy is removing them from the present moment.

The past cannot be changed — but you can learn the lessons, meanings and perspectives you extract from it

When you accept the past for what it was, you relieve yourself from its weight. You will then free your mind from the burdens, mistakes or grudges of the past that stop you from taking action in the present.

This is essential as it clears up the mental space that was occupied by overthinking..

. Focus on What You Can Control:

Author Amy Morin says: “When you find yourself worrying, take a minute to examine the things you have control over.”

First, acknowledge what’s on your mind. Second, take a step back and broaden your perspective. Ask yourself: “ what can I control.

This is how you shift your attention from what you can’t control, to what you can.

Write Down Solutions:

High-performance expert Tony Robbins says:

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

To stop overthinking, you must address the problems at hand. When you feel overwhelmed, take some time to write down all your thoughts in your head, but then shift your attention to the solutions. 

Manage Your Stress::

A 2008 study that was published in Psychological Science revealed that the brain becomes both calmer and sharper after a person spends time in a quiet sitting close to nature. Other research also concludes that walking in green spaces puts the brain in a meditative state..

Even a 5-minute walk in the park can have an immediate calming effect on the mind.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with thoughts, one of these three things can help you clear your head:

A walk in nature (or a nearby park).:

Exercise. It is scientifically proven to be an instant mood booster and stress-reducer. Sweating out your thoughts helps you think clearly.

Unplugging from all digital devices for a few hours..

Learn to manage your stress otherwise it will manage you.

May be my talk is too long, but I want you to reinvent yourself and if you are facing such problem then get rid of it.

If this happens then I will be very happy because I have given a happy gift to someone…

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26 replies

  1. I am trying to, but it’s still early days since my hubby’s passing 🙏

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I understand your pain, But still we have to live the life ..
    We have to avoid overthinking too..
    Stay blessed..


  3. It is very difficult to avoid over thinking. Man is a social animal. Situation sometimes force the person to overthink. The tips in your writing are useful .The subject is beautifully presented.

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  4. Learn to manage your stress otherwise it will manage you….well penned👍 Reading your blog made me aware of three types of overthinking and three ways to come out of that situation…keep writing…keep posting..🙏

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  5. Guilty! But I’m working on it. 🙂

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  6. I have pondered on two type of overthinking: 1) Honest persons, with real concerns, may look like they’re overthinking, but they’re following the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding. They are not in conflict with themselves. 2) Fearful and guilty persons worry and overthink, perhaps attempting to compensate or justify, and because they can’t or haven’t found a way out, need excuses or extra things, like drugs or pharmaceuticals. **Of course, I can’t speak for everyone. Others may have other experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes dear , you are absolutely correct.
      People may have different experiences, but there should be some rescue .
      Friend, Life is too short to take bad drinks..

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      • Thanks. I have pondered upon that as well. In some respects, and I’m still thinking about friends and others, I wonder if the difficulty may be an arrow pointing the way, if they can see it, or are willing to see it. In other words, if something is “wrong”, is the best thing to get rid of the “problem”, or is the problem there as an indication of not following the rabbit of understanding down the trail of reason. **We’ve also pondered on chemical reasons in some cases, as when parents abused drugs while in pregnancy and such.

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  7. After some thought, I have one more thing to add. It could be what someone sees as overthinking is a symptom, not the problem. In other words, we’re looking for the keys in the yard we lost in the house. Perhaps, one thing is pointing to the other, but we keep looking at the one thing. We all think constantly, so no one thinks “more” than another, it’s just resentment, obsession, or something. Question is the reason. Might be discovered through patience.

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  8. All the best.

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