Journey of an artist

Everyday is a gift that is why it is called present,
Be happy. …Be healthy….Be alive…


I know the journey of an artist can be challenging, But I have a strange story of my passion about my Art.At the initial period of lock down time, I was forbidden to get out of the house.

I was sitting and wondering how could I spend time sitting idle in the house . Whenever I open the TV, I am scared to hear the news of pandemic of Corona.

 So I decided that if I want to fight against Corona, I have to keep my immunity strong and I started thinking of various ways for that..

One of my friend suggested that why don’t you write a blog and share your experience of life,you can utilise your time effectively and you will stay away from stress and depression.

I was impressed with his words, but I told him that I do not even have a connection with literature and…

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  1. Beautiful drawings. Yes, you are an artist. Loved your thoughts. Well said.👌

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