Miracle of positive thinking…

Hello Friends ..

Today I am going to discuss about the importance of positive thinking..

Please remember… Positive thought is equal to positive life. This is the miracle of positive thinking ..

Just by thought process we can change our experience of life .

That is why today, first I will be discussing the basic principle of positive thinking and how to apply them practically in our life .

You can think your way into health, wealth, great achievement a great carrear, family relationships all of this or you can think your way out of these too.

Have you seen this in your own life. ?

It is the fact that with positive thought, we get enough inner energy to achieve whatever we want to achieve,

Vise versa  without these positive thinking and understanding, the negative value of our  thought process, we can also go into

depressive state of mind ,  anxiety, fear and lose our all energy .. and there will be no such achievement in our life..

So positive thinking is the miracle …. thought is the master key to a great life .

Thought can create heaven out of hell and create hell out of heaven also.

It All depends on how we handle our thought process .and this is one thing actually we should teach to every young person.

At the early stage of life if we sow the seed of positive thinking …be assured of their great life ahead, no matter what circumstances, what our surrounding are like.

We can always generate the level of positive experience we want in our life just by handling our thought process. Please remember what you think will manifest in your life.

This is the power of thought .. the thoughts become reality,

If you see the object around you, they were the thoughts in somebody’s mind. May be sitting in your house, there are chairs and the table and what around you .

You remember that each of these objects was a thought in somebody’s mind which became so intense that it materialized into an object and now we are using these object, so we can say …everything is the product of our thought.

 If we do not know how to handle this thought mechanism, we will not learn the fundamentals of our life.

Let us find the principles of positive thinking ..

 …what you repeatedly think you will become.:

This is the first principle of positive thinking..   It is all about yourself….  you will become what you are repeatedly thinking.. For example if repeatedly keep on thinking. …Oh, I am happy, I am successful .. I can do everything.  A person  of that kind of thought  is  able to achieve anything in life.

Opposite of that , if I repeatedly think or I am conditioned into think negatively about myself like …oh, why do I feel this fear.. this worry so harrowing ..I cant do anything… if I have a tendency to think like this , then that will be my experience and that will manifest in my life.

Just like how objects (Table. Chairs) are the manifestations of somebody’s thought. Whatever you think hold the potent potency for manifestation in the future so please remember this is the power of our thought process and that is why thought should be deliberate and consciously guided ..this is the miracle of positive thinking.

To put it very briefly you know there is a mechanism which helps you do this naturally this is what you call yoga, the ability to become more and more conscious from within so that our thoughts are deliberate, they are conscious efforts at achieving whatever you want to achieve in your life.  They are guarantees to your success in your life, your own thoughts.

And if they are not conscious then some preconditioned idea some precondition emotion can even take you into very negative ways of thinking, so please remember the first principle is what you think repeatedly that you will become.  That will manifest in your life.

This is the fundamental of idea and you can increase this power of positive thinking through the practice of yoga. when you become deeply conscious from within you have a perfectly guided conscious thought process ..

.. what you repeatedly feel you will experience you will attract it into your life… .

this is the second principle of positive thinking. If you check your life and see if this is true or not whatever you repeatedly feel of it.

If they are happy emotions and they are things that make you glad . You know your mind will perpetually remain in that state. . It will draw those experiences into your life and if you are perpetually used to negative moods you are used to some form of bitterness or resentment, anger, hatred in some form then that will become your negative experience of life. You will attract negative forces into your life.

Sometimes, you will actually experience it even if you don’t want to feel it. yet you dwell upon it There will be a tendency to experience it, bring it into your experience.  so dwell only on positivity, radiate positivity through process, Its only a matter of practice… you have to practice positive thinking and positive feelings.

…. what you imagine that you will create,

 This is the third principle of positive thinking. Everything around you were somebody’s imagination. This is the power of human imagination that it is in the mind , a complete picture in mind . Tomorrow it will be a reality in front of you.

It will frame your mind and thus become experience of your life.

So we should remember these three facilities ....thought , feeling and imagination  that have been bestowed upon us to lead a fulfilling great life and purpose of your human birth. .

But if you do not practice miracle of positive thinking consciously you can suffer a whole lot of depressive negative habits, the state of mind which are sad , mood which are not able to overcome compulsive thinking and habbit all can come into our life.

So we should practice, deliberately practice positive thing …positive feeling and positive imagination. This is the essence of miracle of positive thinking.

Be happy….Be healthy ….Be alive…

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  1. Absolutely right, 👍👍

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  2. Indeed! Nice pictures uncle👌💖

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  3. Power of positive thinking very well written.

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  4. Envision what you want and do it! Great reminders here to continue to think positive.

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  5. Yes dear,
    Positive thinking is necessary to enjoy beautiful life.
    Thank you for your visit my blog.. stay connected…stay happy…

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  6. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    The best cure for the body is a Quite mind…
    And the best cure for the mind is Never Mind….
    Be happy…Be healthy…Be alive…


  7. How true! Wishing a lot of people will read this post.
    Sometimes my friends are asking «You are always happy and in a good mood! What is the secret of your happy life?» – «There is no secret, I just think positive!».
    By the way: I appreciate very much that you are following my blog – although it is written in German…
    Best regards from Thailand to India,

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