# IKIGAI : Secret to Happy Life #

Today,  I woke up at  5.00 am in the morning and was thrilled to know that my blogs  has achieved  4000 views in just two months and am going to publish my 90th blog Post today.

This is enough to keep me inspiring as a beginner.  In fact, every morning I used to see the comments and views on my blog,  thrilled and  feel excited throughout the day about my new hobbies .

I want  to compare  this happiness  with the terms…  IKIGAI, a Japanese philosophy that translate to the reason you get up in the morning and could add several good years of your life.

According  to longevity expert dan buettner, he add that….science has linked  having a purposeful  life  with longer life expectancy,  better sleep and lower rates of chronic illness.

Ikigai is broadly speaking the balance found at the intersection between your passion, mission, vocation and profession i.e. what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at and what you get paid for. It is all about finding your passion and then finding through which to pursue it ..

IKIGAI describing  THE JAPANESE secret to live long and happy life. There is an island in japan called okinawa .

There are more people above age of 100 than the global average. The inhabitant of this island, in south of japan live longer than the people anywhere else in the world .But how ? It is the fact that they are doing the work differently ..

According to Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones: Lessons on Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest, as he suggests making three lists: .

(1) your values,   (2) things you like to do, and (3) things you are good at. The cross section of the three lists is your Ikigai.

Discovering your own Ikigai is said to bring fulfilment, happiness and make you live longer.

Do you want to find your Ikigai? Ask yourself the following four questions:

1. What do I love?

2. What am I good at?

3. What can I be paid for now — or something that could transform into my future hustle?

4. What does the world need?

Find your answer and send through comments to discuss further..

However, In their book Ikigai The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, HectorGarcia and Francesc Miralles break down the ten rules that can help anyone find their own ikigai. We should consider and follow that rules to make our life happy.

1. Stay active and don’t retire : :

They cultivate their own vegetables . They walk a lot and do the physical activity every day. They are very active throughout their life, they don’t retire. Our human body is design to move, movement is the fundamental aspect of life. Our body Movement affects everything. From circulation to digestion and metabolism to immunity.

2. Leave urgency behind and adopt a slower pace of life :

They follow the rules of life and do the work with passion . That is very omportant…

3. Only eat until you are 80 per cent full ::

They follow the disciplined life and so follow the rules  of their meals.

4. Surround yourself with good friends :

They spend evenings with their friends and their neibour and spend time in community gathering and events .

Before the era of Internet and social media, we also use to spend more time physically connecting with friends and used to have great conversations and laughter and have chaupal and common pace for gathering called clubs.

5. Get in shape through daily, gentle exercise :

Daily exercise and morning walk is necessary to keep us fit..

6. Smile and acknowledge people around you : .

We need real conversation, real engagement. People who are emotionally connected to family, friends and the community, they are happier, healthier and leave longer than the people are less connected.

Treat everyone like a friend even if you have never met them before.

7. Reconnect with nature :

The nature is a better healer, they do agriculture and always connected with the nature. We should have leisure period in life to reconnect with the nature.

8. Give thanks to anything that brightens our day and makes us feel alive.:
Yes, create habit of it . Attitude of Gratitude is important to follow..

9. Live in the moment ::

Create your passion and reason to jump out of bed each morning . Do the thing  what you love, what can you good at, what can be paid for and what make you excited and happy..

10. Follow your Ikigai :

first find your IKAGAI and follow in true spirit..

Source: google.com

We are born curious. Our insatiable drive to learn, invent, explore, and study deserves to have the same status as every other drive in our lives.

Fulfillment is fast becoming the main priority for most of us. Millions of people still struggle to find what they are meant to do. .

What excites them? What makes them lose the sense of time? What brings out the best in them? Yes, find the answer yourself and make life happier..

Enjoy Your Life

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